Thursday, May 04, 2006


My laptop is in the shop... *sigh* and of course the technical fuckers that are supposed TO FIX IT, haven't even looked at it as of 6pm last night. So that means I have to use aaron's pc to post, which isn't a big deal except that it's in the living room, barricaded so mr. nosey pants can't start poking around under the desk.

that and I have ZERO motivation to do much of anything lately, let alone post. I'm tired. so very, very tired. I am headachey... today anyway, they haven't been to bad lately, and I"m just ... not in the mood to update. Probably because I have to do it when I can rather than when I want to and it stifles me. eh.

anyhoo, not much new here... we have the big ultrasound next wednesday and if baby is cooperative we find out the gender.

I think nolan is cutting a molar, either that or he's in need of an attitude adjustment. We went to sears on tuesday to do pics, but he was AWFUL... seriosuly. bad. screeching at us when we tried to sit him down, yelling, protesting... refusing to look in the direction of the camera. *sigh* she managed to get 2 decent shots, but we ended up leaving w/o paying because she had to call tech support after alot of probs w/ the computer. I sat there for 40 mins and then thought 'fuck it'. and we left. we are going to walmart to try it again today, wish us luck.

this is for nessa, because she asked so nicely, and because I am so insanely jealous that she is already potty training. :-)

left is now, right is w/ nolan.

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