Thursday, April 27, 2006


seriously. I'm motherfucking DONE with the screaming fits. DONE. It's days like today and yesterday where I actually look forward to going to school and leaving his cranky ass with his dad. I don't know what the fuck his problem is, but I hate this.

oh, and I found out today that there are no fafsa loans for summer quarter... or rather, VERY FEW. And it would be best if I could not attend summer quarter or I'll likely either have to take out a seperate loan from a private bank or be responsible for the tuition myself. *sigh*

the program I am going into is a 7 quarter commitment. therefore I HAVE to attend summer quarter. wtf do they expect people to do?

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Cottage Cheese Experience

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He made such horrible faces, but didn't seem to really hate it, kept opening his mouth so I fed him until he was done. He was CRACKING me up! He must think it's so bad it's good, kind of like me and salt and vinegar chips :-)

**Mojodiva** I never answered your question about the stew before, I didn't give him any of the beef because he's not so great at chewing chewy stuff yet, and the beef in the stew was not very tender... it was canned soup so the beef was kind of tough.

Friday, April 21, 2006

How About A Vomit Story?

So we rearranged the living room... and actually, we'll be rearranging it again soon. I brought out all of nolan's toys from his room, since he doesn't ever play in there. And we moved the coffee table from the middle of the room to the side of the couch.

why you ask?

well, about two weeks ago maybe, I was laying on the floor w/ nolan playing and when he lost interest in my presence, I got up and sat at the couch. I had the movie "a league of their own" playing, as well as the dishwasher going. It wasn't deafening loud or anything, but apparently loud enough. I had been sitting on the couch for about 3 minutes MAYBE, when I looked down at nolan... could'nt really see him as the coffee table was in the way, but I could tell that he was still. Now, as busy and active as he is I knew he found something he shouldn't have.

and boy did he.

apparently in the few minutes I had been up off the floor, asa had taken it upon himself to barf up a particularly slimy hairball and the remnants of his breakfast. And Nolan was playing in it.

*excuse my while I try not barf just reliving it...*

I grabbed nolan and sat him up, searched his mouth and face... nothing there, and his hands didn't appear to have any drool on them, so I think I caught him before he tried to eat any of it. Thank GOD because had I seen that he ate it, I think I would've barfed. a lot.

I took him out to the kitchen and washed his hands and then plopped his ass in the high chair, and cleaned up the mess. Asa had been vomiting every day a little bit, and the medicine wasn't working. His hair had gotten REALLY LONG. So I grabbed the shaver and the cat, and well... he's now as bald as he gets. People laugh and tease that I shave asa... but dude... seeing nolan playing in his vomit was among one of the nastiest things i've seen. ugh.

other than that, things are good. Ultrasound is set for May 10th!!!! Though I'm not optimistic, this kid is SHY... they couldn't find the heartbeat hardly at all yesterday, I hope it's different at the ultrasound. I want to know what flavor this sprout is.

I love this shot

Good Morning!!!!!

Nolan check's out grandpa's ride

Nolan is in awe of his uncle seth

He got this the day he was born from grandma and grandpa and is now finally enjoying it!

such a cheeky boy

we're blowing this up for his 21st birthday... he's mid zerbert here

Playing with his shadow

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ok so we went from taking FOREVER to get mobile to scootching, and then crawling for about two weeks, and in about 3 days time he has figured out how to pull up to his knees and now his feet. I walked into his room this morning to find him STANDING and holding on to the side of the crib. *sniff* where did my little baby go? He's such a big kid now. Very exciting, but breaks my heart just a little bit. Here are some new videos...

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Video Hosting - Upload Video - Photo Sharing

Video Hosting - Upload Video - Photo Sharing

Video Hosting - Upload Video - Photo Sharing

Thursday, April 13, 2006


So yeah... I sucketh at updates right now... that's ok though, because I have a good excuse! Since I lost my cool and beat the shit out of my laptop, we've been rebooting and reloading and basically treating the hard drive with kid gloves. And it seems to be working. but I have to reload EVERYTHING back on there. photoshop. digital image pro. my ftp program. you name it, I need to get it back on there.

I am updating now from Aaron's computer, but it's usually blocked in so mr. busybody can't get underneath it and electrocute himself, that said; he's napping now but I'm sure his 7th sense... the one that knows I need 10 minutes to accomplish something sans baby, will kick in any second.

I lost everything in itunes too... DON'T even get me started. I didn't buy but one or two songs, so I'm not pissed about that, I'm pissed about all of my musid that got lost. ARG.

Other than that, birthday was LOVELY. This has been a pretty decent week actually, and I found out that I am officially a college grad (go me!) granted it's only my AA, but it's a start and it's my official 'halfway' point. Actually I'm more than halfway because the program I'm entering into (if the stars are truly aligned this fall)is an 18 month commitment. so if all goes well I'll graduate in March of 2008.

Also, to whomever asked, those pics of Lori w/ the fabulous tata's are fakes from Las Vegas. The pics anyway, not the tata's. heh.

Oh and this child in my stomach is giving me heartburn. Tell IT TO STOP. I don't recall ever really having heartburn w/ nolan till the end.

Today Nolan and I shared a bowl of campbell's chunky beef vegetable stew... it was one of my new favorite memories. He didn't get any of the beef of course, but he chowed on the veggies. Then we had some dry fruit loops and marveled at what a tool President Bush is. Ok, I marveled, but Nolan agreed.

Anyhoo, some pics...

His newest thing... he gets all stiff and then grunts like he's bearing down... does this all day every day, angry, happy... just likes to do it.

He likes potatoes!

Nolan is STRONG... Aaron was trying to rescue the tivo from Nolan's mouth, but had a hard time getting it away from him. heh.

one of mama's favorite outfits

Mr. Potato face

He's ready for the sun!


You know it was the mama who did this, right?

And it didn't seem to bother him

my personal favorite

Obviously it hasn't gotten old yet!

I need a caption for this one...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Did you know...

That Lori and I are 3 years and 360 days apart in age?

that means of course that today is my birthday. 29 years old.

On the docket for today:

(Aaron took the day off as a surprise, doesn't he rock!!!)

Admissions Interview at Central Washington University around 1:30pm...

shopping at Old navy and Best Buy...

Grande Mocha w/ whip at my favorite coffee stand

dinner and dessert at Red Robin

and whatever else I think of that floats my boat!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Sissy

Happy birthday Lori!

In honor of her 25th bday, a pictorial...

Lori and I circa Christmas 1981

This picture exists here solely for the purpose of making her feel better after I post some of the dancing pics. You can thank my mom for my hair.

One of my absolute favorite pics of Lori EVER.

Getting jiggy with it

Nyc 2003

channeling J-lo

Happy New Year!

She might kick my ass for this one

I don't know what it is about this pic but it's another favorite. Great profile shot, but the light and background give it a lot of character I think.

I might note that she took this picture herself.

upon hearing a coyote...

Lori's dirty little secret...

back in her victoria's secret days

and by the way...

I admit I read a lot of wierd shit about tom and katie, but this takes the cake!