Wednesday, March 01, 2006


No news on the car... hmmm... kind of beginning to wonder if we'll get it back at all. No news from the property management co either... *sigh* I'm going to take that as a good sign.

As for the baby story... there really isn't one except *ahem* my parents read this and the stork is going to bring us a baby in 9 months ANDTHATSALLTHEREISTOIT.


For my dad:

I think I'll call her Shelly.

For the grandma:

and for the rest of you, I give you the polenske/martin family favorite...


First you butter both sides of the bread

Then you put into a frying pan heated to med-med hi, and use a small cup or glass to cut out a circle of the bread

Then crack an egg (DO NOT BREAK THE YOLK!) into the center of the hole in the bread.

cook on one side until egg is partially done, then flip and cook until egg is completely done (you want the yolk to be runny)

then eat and sing my praises... divine.

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