Friday, March 31, 2006

So yeah...

In a fit of extreme rage yesterday I pounded my fist about hmmm... 8-10 times on the laptop. hard. really really HARD. And now it looks as though the hard drive might be kaput. *sigh* While I miss the easability of the piece of shit (ie: surfing from bed, surfing from the couch etc.) that fucker is lucky I didn't take a hammer to it.

this means that until I figure out what the plan for sure is, I have to update from the pc, which is fine, but I have to install my ftp thingy and do some other stuff. My head hurts.

on the upside, glad to see those who didn't comment before coming out of the woodwork!

pregnancy update: still haven't gained much weight, though I've been eating TERRIBLY. Pj pants are a little snug tonight, I know it's normal, but still it's alarming. My face is breaking out way more this time, I am way more tired than w/ nolan. I also have sinus issues this time around, that I managed to escape last time, oh and the insomnia. It's great. Other than that, I don't feel pregnant. Just fat! lol, oh and I've had very specific cravings this time... currently it's the regular beef taco salad w/ ranch from taco time. HEA-VEN.

OK, I need to go put whiny pants down for the night. He had a very busy day, first we visited grandma at her office, and then we went to winco. Then he spent some time w/ daddy and mommy got a solo trip to costco! Now it's nigh-night time, and mommy is going to go get a salad and take some tylenol while daddy starts work on teh new changing table. IF this one came all nice and not broken. wish us luck!

oh yeah, last year around this time, I saw this post (the top one) from Khara and was so wanting to have a baby to take to see the easter bunny, but knew I had a few more months to wait. This year I couldn't wait, so we went yesterday.

Image hosting by Photobucket

He didn't cry, but he wouldn't smile... he was chewing on his tongue and all we got was a smirk. but I'm satisfied!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


New commenting system is in place, and if you piss me off or act like a fucker you will be banned. not banned from reading, because well... you obviously come here for a reason, you must find some part of this drivel entertaining... and who am I to deprive anyone of my gorgeous boy, but you will be banned from commenting. also, if you go to other computers and continue to leave rude comments, well then... I'll ban those too.

No biggie, I like Haloscan better anyway. so please, comment away!!!!
More pics of my gorgeous baby

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A call for help...

First (before I go into me, me, me...) to Mojodiva... we put him down awake... wide awake. He used to go down swaddled and nursed, but ... well, at some point they get too big and too strong for the swaddle, and he was not so good at soothing himself. Lest I be flamed, I am not going to post how we got from that to sleeping and soothing on his own. However, if you'd like more info, feel free to email me at wonder_woman_underoos@NOSPAMcomcastDOTnet (remove no spam).

Onto ME...

I am strongly considering cloth diapering. What's holding me back is my lackadaisacal approach to researching the topic... I don't wanna. But I also don't want to spend 60+ bucks a month come fall when we have two butts to diaper. So my favor is this... if you cloth diaper, mind shooting me an email (or leave a comment) w/ any tips, tricks or advice. I would appreciate it sooo much.

so would he:

Monday, March 20, 2006


Chalk it up to hormones, whatever. First there was the death of Dana Reeve, then two girls on my chat board for july mommies have recently had deaths in the family, one girl's father is barely hanging on and another is dealing w/ a malicious family member's quest to take away her kids... she lost custody for a while now, and reading these posts just breaks my heart.

and now I just read this post from very mom and my imagination is running wild. I want to go back to thinking this world is a happy shiny place.

If not for my sake, for his:

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Not sure if this is crawling or creeping... but something tells me our world is about to change...

Video Sharing at

Video Sharing at

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BLT's on the brain...

first pregnancy craving/obsession was butternut squash. I ate so much of it that I can't even LOOK at it now. ew.

this morning I had a craving for a B.L.T. ... so I went and got some lowfat turkey bacon, and the rest of the stuff and man oh man. Had a sandwich for lunch and a half a sandwich about 10 mins ago because I'm starving.

uh... guess what I'm having for dinner and probably breakfast tommorrow? I won't be happy until I run the taste of it into the ground and it grosses me out. MMMMmm. I'm even enjoying it w/ mayo. and THAT's unheard of.

this is my all time favorite expression... he does this and I want 10 more just like him. LOVE.IT. I want to smother him in mayo and bacon and eat him up.

Monday, March 13, 2006

2 More Classes!

I have two more classes and then I'm done... hoorah, hoorah... until fall anyway.

So, we got the call this morning that my car had been recovered. It was found in North Seattle... to make a long story short, it was towed under the title of 'undriveable'... as we requested that ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT THAT IT IS RECOVERED, WE BE CALLED AND IT NOT BE TOWED!!!!! so my cousin came up with me to check it out and see if it was going to be driveable home. It was. The ignition had been messed with, but he put the key in and voila. driveable.


so now I debate whether or not it's worth it to voice a sternly written letter of complaint to the seattle police department because we had to pay 85 bucks to get MY CAR THAT WAS TAKEN FROM ME back. Fuckers. I'm sorry... the whole scenario pisses me off. What part of DO.NOT.TOW. do you not understand?

On the upside, damage is minimal and just about everything was left in the car... score!

ok, how about some pics of the cutest boy on earth, because I'm tired and want to go lay down?

alrighty then...

mmm, teething biscuit

they're a hit!!!!

Memo to nolan: THIS IS WHAT FREAKS MAMA OUT! Also why the blankie gets tucked in around his active little ass now.

If nolan has a sister, this is what she'll look like

Much to Aaron's dismay I get a lot of amusement from this.

he's not sure about that toy...

...yeah, he's not a fan.

we're starting him early, typing now... so he can start learning dictation and earn his keep.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sneek Peak

May I introduce Baby Martin:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Looking like I'll be scheduled the week of 9/25 for my c/s... at least if all goes according to plan. Everything looks good and I have gained no weight thus far!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Need Encouragement

I am applying to school right now.... university to finally enter the teaching program and I need encouragement. I know that for me as well as a few people in my life the knee jerk reaction is to say 'put it off a year' or 'I wouldn't do it if I were you'... but know in advance that it just isn't an option. I'm not looking for advice or opinions... just encouragement...

essentially, it's God's will anyway if I get in. It's not a sure thing by any means... but I figure if I get in in the first place then it's meant to be. If not, well then I will try again next year.

Reasons going to school this fall freaks me out:

1. School starts a week before I'll end up having my c-section. (I am due oct 1st, and they will take me a week early ... give or take a day or two.) This will require that I miss the 2nd and 3rd and quite possibly the 4th week of school... though I think 2 full weeks is all I'll push for unless I feel terrible. This also means that I am going to have to rely on the kindness of classmates to keep me updated, bring me notes and schoolwork... and I have never ever EVER been good at asking for help... let alone from complete strangers. but I will.

2. School starts at 3pm (and goes until 7pm). In auburn. (about 25mins from me.) Aaron gets off work at 3pm. In downtown seattle. He usually gets home at 330pm, give or take if it's a bad traffic day. Obviously we are going to need care for our kids for at least an hour a day. I might add we don't live near family and friends... they are 30 minutes away IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. So... I think I can apply to women's programs to see about getting childcare at the school, though I've been told that's a pipe dream, and besides I would have to figure out something for the first 6 weeks anyway as no daycare will take a child under 6 weeks.

3. This is a 7 quarter commitment... read: 21 mos commitment. No long breaks (other than spring breaks, holidays etc. no summer vacation.) 18 of those months I'll miss dinner and bedtime for nolan. *sigh* I know that it's stupid, but I hate it. I also know that he likely won't remember it, but still.

4. I worry that the new baby won't be held as much... I held nolan constantly. I'll be gone 5 hours a day this time and it makes me sad. (read: control freak.)

5. I worry about trying to nurse the next baby and being gone 5 hours a day... that's a whole other issue I"m not even going to go into, because until it happens it's pointless to stress aboutit. but I am.

6. I worry that I'll let people down, as I am going to have to put school first... well after my own family, but that could mean less visits to family etc, if I have school work that needs to be finished.

The good things about going to school now...

1. it's not going to get any easier. At least if I go now, in the first few months (hopefully) the baby will sleep most of the time, and I will only have one mobile for the first 1/3 of the time commitment.

2. I'm not getting any younger, and the sooner I get this done, the sooner we can move on and UPWARD in our lot in life.

3. When the time comes to student teach I'll have an almost 3 year old and a 1.5 year old... I won't freak out as much as if I was leaving an infant all day long. (hopefully.)

4. I guess it bears repeating that it's NOT going to get any easier. Ever. I need to do this now, as later on It's just going to be harder, and by going to school, and getting my degree I am doing something not only for myself, but for my family.. and that's important too.

I am just stressing out about the time frames.

Anyhoo, here are some cute pictures of the peanut.

Nolan gives grandpa's wheelchair a test drive

Someone's mother forgot to pack extra clothes on our last trip up north on the exact day that nolan decided to have a bowel movement of EPIC proportions. What resulted was a pathetic looking nakey baby.. but we managed. :-)

Nolan's first time coloring at Laurel's bday party!

Nolan was more than happy to test drive the new high chair at great grandma's and aunt angie and uncle dick's house. It was a hit!

I think this kid has a future in quality control inspections, this one passed w/ flying colors!

Monday, March 06, 2006


I spent half of the weekend writhing in pain and wishing I was dead (ok, not dead... just not in pain anymore) and was visited late saturday night by the vomit fairy. fun.

I am feeling better, but still not 100%... tummy is shaky at best and I am petrified to eat, but not really that hungry anyway.

also, no news on my car. *sigh*

and since I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself can I just bitch about something openly and honestly for a second?

Let's see... I have a friend who I've known since she was born basically as she's just a bit younger than my sister. We grew up together, she ended up having a baby a few years ago and then eventually married another family friend, who my sister and I are extremely close to... We got along so great... esp after we became adults as I think we had more in common. Anyhoo, the marriage didn't work out and ever since she has cut not only me off from her life, but my family as well as other family friends... I don't know if she's worried that drama will ensue or that gossip will take place. I don't know. I sent her a birth announcement and we exchanged emails a few times and I thought things were going to eventually get back on track.

Then I looked at the calendar this morning and realize her daughter's birthday was 2 weeks ago and for the first time I got no invite to the party. does this piss me off? You betcha... it doesn't piss me off because I missed a 5 year old's birthday party... it pisses me off because goddammit, what the hell did I ever do to her?


Now my other complaint, and this person actually reads this thing, so I guess it's more like an open letter.

I have a friend ... a best friend I might've said at one time, though in the last two years she has shown me how blatantly wrong I am in that regard, that I've known since I was a sophomore and she was a senior. We have had many MANY many fun times together... partners in crime sort of thing. We've also had our moments that I'd like to I'm sure she would too. But through it all we managed to still be friends and when people would ask me if the friendship was really worth all the fight sometimes it took to keep it... I would say yes. I still say yes. You don't often meet people that you really connect with, and though we have many differences, and sometimes didn't handle them well... we connected.

Until I got married or she turned 30 or whatever the fuck the problem is. I got married, and pregnant around the same time as you recall. She was so supportive through much of the pregnancy... then she had some personal stuff go on, (that was resolved somewhat quickly) and dropped off the face of the earth. I had spoken to her in april of 2005, and then nothing until I caught her off guard when I called out of the blue back in October or November of 05. The kicker here is that Holly (another friend of mine and hers) and I called this girl ALL.THE.TIME. in those months. I know she read this journal too because she told me so, and do you think I ever got an email or a comment or a card or ANYTHING when Nolan was born?

yeah. That chapped my ass. I'll admit it. We finally gave up for a while and stopped calling her. We thought maybe she had moved out (she lived w/ her boyfriend)... but couldn't figure out why he wouldn't let us know since we were calling pretty frequently. So one day I decide to call again (it had been a few months since my last attempt) and she actually answered. I about crapped my pants... wasn't expecting a human voice on the other end of that line!

She played everything down. Nothing was wrong... and now that we were talking again she was the same ol' pal I'd had forever. It was wierd, but I didn't say anything. Then she and her boyfriend decided to go to the super bowl. We were going to get together before she went, but scheduling conflicts made it too difficult, and we said we'd get together after she got home.

I called her at LEAST 3 times over the first few weeks she was back and never a phone call in return. Like I said, I know you read this journal, and you obviously know I'm pregnant again and I just can't believe you haven't called or written or anything. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?

And dude, it's been almost a full year since you've spoken to Holly... What's up with that? Seriously, we've all been friends for like 13 years... and we would NEVER treat you like that. NEVER. We've never just cut you out... I just don't understand what would possess you to do that. *sigh*

It's not like you'll answer this either so whatever. I'm just venting. I'm not calling you anymore, I'm done. You want to keep things going, then YOU need to call ME.

Nolan and grandma read together

oooh, new toys!

Nolan needs your help, his mother MUST.BE.STOPPED.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


No news on the car... hmmm... kind of beginning to wonder if we'll get it back at all. No news from the property management co either... *sigh* I'm going to take that as a good sign.

As for the baby story... there really isn't one except *ahem* my parents read this and the stork is going to bring us a baby in 9 months ANDTHATSALLTHEREISTOIT.


For my dad:

I think I'll call her Shelly.

For the grandma:

and for the rest of you, I give you the polenske/martin family favorite...


First you butter both sides of the bread

Then you put into a frying pan heated to med-med hi, and use a small cup or glass to cut out a circle of the bread

Then crack an egg (DO NOT BREAK THE YOLK!) into the center of the hole in the bread.

cook on one side until egg is partially done, then flip and cook until egg is completely done (you want the yolk to be runny)

then eat and sing my praises... divine.