Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines day!

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also, as I told my mom this morning "be GLAD you didn't have boys."

witness the conversation in the car this morning.

Ethan (who is 5) "hey Owisson? you know the holes in my nose?"
Me: Yeah
Ethan: well, I can only breathe real good in one of them. the other one is full, and sometimes I suck it up real hard and then it goes down the hole in my throat.
Me: ok, that's enough, you are going to make me sick
Ethan: (obviously intrigued) and you know what? When it goes down the hole in my throat, it taste-es kinda good!
Me: THAT'S ENOUGH!!! (through grossed out laughter)

witness another conversation a few days ago:

Me: Ethan, where were you?
Ethan: going poop.
Me: alrighty.
Ethan: Hey owisson?
Me: yeah
Ethan: when I went poop in there, I flushed... but it left a mark.
Me: ok, don't worry about it. (trying to end the conversation)
Ethan: How does it go away?
Me: It just will, I'll flush it again.
Ethan: But it's a BIG mark and it's really really deep.
Me: OK! You are going to make me sick!
Ethan: why? It doesn't stink though!

Last night all three boys (the nephews and my godson who comes after school) were imitating the sound of nolan farting in his diaper.

aaah. I hope the next one is a girl. ;-)

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