Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Our nephews arrived on Monday and we are still settling in, everything is going rather smoothly; I am just adjusting to being DAMN busy now! I thought I was busy before... pffft! Between my school work, ferrying them to and from school (which is 3 trips because we have a kindergartner), organizing all of their stuff to fit in amongst our stuff, a teething baby, doing my homework, helping them with their homework... and just getting other random shit done. I am tired by the end of the day!

Good news is the school is close, so I've been walking them to and from, and yesterday I decided to walk up and down the hill we live on... it's 2 miles from our door to the bottom and back... but it's STEEP. Seriously, anyone that's been to our place can attest to that. Took 20 mins to get down, and 45 to get back up. Now my ass is sore.

he's about had it with all the 'in your face' camera action

If you look closely you can see his canine/eye teeth coming in here.

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