Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Can I just say I love income tax time?

I got the ipod video (A certain someone had it inscribed on the back w/ "Baby I love your way. Sing. Dance. Live." I love it!)

And a very patiend Aaron FINALLY got his xbox 360. He happened to call sears yesterday and they said they had a core system (w/o the harddrive) ... he really wanted a premium setup, but what can you do. So after some hemming and hawing he decided that he wanted it, and Sears said they had one left. So I stopped by there and they had two, AND upon further inspection when I got home, it WAS the premium set up.

So yes. we are happier than pigs in shit right now.

Though I'd be even happier if itunes had any ac/dc for sale dammit.

Lastly, a few pics of the boy who is always happier than a pig in shit...

see! 4 teeth coming in!

Daddy and Nolan were playing on the floor, daddy likes to stack things on that noggin too.

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