Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Why I want to ram my head into the wall... repeatedly.

Emails w/ the Property management company where we live...

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From: Allison
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 3:05 PM
To: homeowner's association members and property management company
Subject: car theft at

my car was stolen today around 1pm (the police got a call about illegal dumping down the road off of 240th at that time). Stolen from our spot in the carport.

I certainly hope that there is SOMETHING on the agenda for the meeting in march about surveillance.


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From: Property Management guy


I am very sorry to hear this happened. I have forwarded this information to the board and they will be taking it up at the next meeting. But, please be aware neither the Board nor I are the police and are unable to respond in that fashion. What we can do is look at possible prevention measures. The best solution for this type of problem is a block watch. But, when they are stealing cars in the middle of the day in broad daylight, it clearly is not an issue about lighting, etc. Any suggestions from you would be appreciated. Again, very sorry to hear this happened, I personally know how frustrating this is and how violated you can feel from this theft.

Property management guy

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From: Allison
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 4:24 PM
To: Property management guy
Subject: RE: car theft at ...

Thank you, I know it's not an issue of lighting. It's an issue of access. I have never in my life had so much theft happen to me in such a short time, and we have barely lived here a year.

If something is not done to aid in prevention, we may have to sell our condo... at some point you have to ask yourself how much you are willing to take. I left NOTHING of value in my car other than my son's carseat, NOTHING. We had an accident in that car last december and the front end is dented pretty bad, and it's still targeted.

Honestly, I feel like something needs to be done. I felt like something needed to be done last fall... but until it happens to other people I guess we are pretty much out of luck. For a driveway with one entrance and exit... it is ridiculous what people get away with. I am tired of being a sitting duck.

I don't think a block watch solves anything, for God's sake,
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From: Property Management guy


I have worked with a number of properties on installing gates. Today that is decided by economics and city permitting. For that to happen a property must have a long enough entrance; secondly gates are very expensive. So there also needs to be a consensus of homeowners willing to pay for it. Other possibilities include CCTV, something for the board to take up.

Ultimately the largest problem is the lack of prosecution of car thieves by the State. This is particularly true when juveniles are involved. The problem is huge, all over the Puget Sound Region. And, it doesn’t seem to matter what the neighborhood, we see many, many car thefts from all economic levels of communities. We even see them from security garages. Again, I cannot stress how large this problem is in the Puget Sound Region. Please, call your legislator, or the governors office, or both, and let them know exactly how you feel. Until the State starts to prosecute this crime, it will only get worse. And the larger question is; do the rest of us start living in walled compounds, at a very large expense to ourselves, or will the State finally take action. Which is also the problem with gates, they break down, they slow down emergency response vehicles (and Caravelle North has some elderly and frail people living there), and communities with gates still see cars stolen because you are required to make them automatically open for all departing vehicles. So, what we see is juveniles jumping fences on these communities, stealing a car, and just driving out. After the community just spent $50,000 for a gate system, this is a very bitter pill. I wish there was an effective deterrent. But the only ones that work are very expensive. Some communities have gone to security patrols. In my latest discussion with a quality security patrol service that is interested in results, not just selling services, they were very frustrated. They said they now deal with the problem by putting a security patrolman on the ground at the property for at least two weeks, often 4 weeks, 24/7. After that period they can go to random car patrols. They explained to me that if they do random patrols from the start, the car thieves just note when the patrol car leaves, then take a car. They said they first have to establish a presence on the property, after that they can go to random patrols. My last estimate, which is about 6 months old, for this service was about $24,000 for the year. For your association that adds $1000 per year per unit, which is an $83 per month increase in dues. Again, a very large price that would require consensus from all of the owners at the property.

I wish there were something cost effective that worked for this problem. At this time, as property managers, we see many car thefts, everywhere, and the problem gets worse every year. It is very frustrating for everyone involved.

property management guy

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From: Allison Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 10:20 AM
To: Property management guy

is there any way we can put barbed wire up along the fenceline? I am almost certain that the thieves enter the property that way...

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From: Property Management guy


On working with other properties with similar issues; barbed wire will devalue the property because it looks like a prison camp once installed. Typically barbed wire is installed on top of chain link in commercial sites, and only industrial or at the back of those sites, where it wasn’t so visible. In the cases where I have had it installed, we found a new problem, they would just cut holes through the fence, and we would find cars broken into or stolen after they cut through. I will bring this up at the next meeting though.

From: Allison Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 10:20 AM
To: Property management guy

I have to say I'm kind of stunned at the whole stance that you seem to be taking... we are homeowners here, PART OF YOUR ORGANIZATION so to speak who have been victimized not once, not twice... but 4 times. (and as I recall there were at least 1 or 2 other people who had a problem w/ breakins to their cars last fall as well.) we are trying to figure out a way to stay here... something that doesn't force us to sell our first home... and the fact that you and the board are proposing a special assessment for PAINT but seem unwilling to do the SLIGHTEST things to PROTECT your homeowners and aid in the prevention of vandalization as well as theft of their vehicles absolutely baffles me. It saddens me to no end that we may have to sell our first home over this... I just don't understand, but perhaps if it were one of the board members who were being victimized this discussion wouldn't even be happening.

All we are doing is asking for your help. We have purchased clubs, I have borrowed money that we do not have to get a vehicle that is less attractive to thieves and again, all we are doing (for what seems like the umpteenth time) is asking for your help. We are doing all we can on our end, and it would just be really nice if you and the board would opt to do SOMETHING on your end so we didn't feel completely out in the cold.

thank you for your time.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

No news and yet an announcement

No news on the car... the insurance dude seemed pretty confident that the car would be recovered, he said the recovery rate for washington state is 95 percent... which seems high, but whatever.

Thanks to those of you who have been supportive in the guestbook. And to the one who hasn't... it's so easy to make little assumptions and write snarky shit in someone's guestbook. Yeah, I suppose we could take back those items that we splurged on... but will 650 bucks get us a safer home? Yeah, not so much. We own this condo, and are dealing with the choices we have before us...

but also, this is not about the area being unsafe. This is about the fact that the same group of asshole kids (as I would bet every last dollar I have on this) is targeting us because we own vehicles that are easy to break into and steal. (I drive a honda cvc and Aaron drives a honda accord.) This of course is being remedied as we speak, I am about to be the proud owner of a subaru circa 1984... I intend to purchase a club and do whatever else I can to secure the vehicle while we are living here. Aaron uses a club now, and has also installed a few other things that make theft of the vehicle damn near impossible.

If and when we get my car back, and if it's salvageable, we are going to sell it or part it out. I am done with honda's for now.

So again, thanks to those of you who chose to be supportive and thoughtful... and to Leh, who obviously was not... well fuck off.

And now the announcement.

Friday, February 24, 2006


I MOTHERFUCKING GIVE UP. My car was just stolen... cops got a call about an hour and a half ago about illegal dumping down the street, the fuckers were dumping our stuff (the carseat and a blanket ... thank god we still have that, otherwise I'd be even more pissed.) out in a yard.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Can I just say I love income tax time?

I got the ipod video (A certain someone had it inscribed on the back w/ "Baby I love your way. Sing. Dance. Live." I love it!)

And a very patiend Aaron FINALLY got his xbox 360. He happened to call sears yesterday and they said they had a core system (w/o the harddrive) ... he really wanted a premium setup, but what can you do. So after some hemming and hawing he decided that he wanted it, and Sears said they had one left. So I stopped by there and they had two, AND upon further inspection when I got home, it WAS the premium set up.

So yes. we are happier than pigs in shit right now.

Though I'd be even happier if itunes had any ac/dc for sale dammit.

Lastly, a few pics of the boy who is always happier than a pig in shit...

see! 4 teeth coming in!

Daddy and Nolan were playing on the floor, daddy likes to stack things on that noggin too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thought I'd share...

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First teething biscuit

Video Sharing at DropShots.com

he was VERY tired... and no he wasn't bumping his head on the swing, it just looks like that.

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Distracting a fussybutt

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this one cracks aaron and I up

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Picasso at work

Monday, February 20, 2006

Drive by post

We've been uber busy as of late (and I'm uber tired) we are getting over the crud (nolan and I) and Aaron is coming down w/ it.

We met up with a few gals I've gotten to know via an internet mssg board for lunch today.

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The fine art of sharing

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Friends Forever!

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STOP! Binky thief!

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Hey what's that?

It was lovely to meet up in person again, I always have such a good time when we do.

Also, Mr. Nolan is cutting not only the canines (one is down, the other is not) he is working on his front upper teeth as well. And handling it really well too. He's been giving lots of loves lately, grabbing our faces and drooling on us. Love it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines day!

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also, as I told my mom this morning "be GLAD you didn't have boys."

witness the conversation in the car this morning.

Ethan (who is 5) "hey Owisson? you know the holes in my nose?"
Me: Yeah
Ethan: well, I can only breathe real good in one of them. the other one is full, and sometimes I suck it up real hard and then it goes down the hole in my throat.
Me: ok, that's enough, you are going to make me sick
Ethan: (obviously intrigued) and you know what? When it goes down the hole in my throat, it taste-es kinda good!
Me: THAT'S ENOUGH!!! (through grossed out laughter)

witness another conversation a few days ago:

Me: Ethan, where were you?
Ethan: going poop.
Me: alrighty.
Ethan: Hey owisson?
Me: yeah
Ethan: when I went poop in there, I flushed... but it left a mark.
Me: ok, don't worry about it. (trying to end the conversation)
Ethan: How does it go away?
Me: It just will, I'll flush it again.
Ethan: But it's a BIG mark and it's really really deep.
Me: OK! You are going to make me sick!
Ethan: why? It doesn't stink though!

Last night all three boys (the nephews and my godson who comes after school) were imitating the sound of nolan farting in his diaper.

aaah. I hope the next one is a girl. ;-)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Amuse me

since I'm sick and in need of free entertainment, take this quiz and see how well you know me...

(by the way, you don't have to use an actual email. I put blah@blah.com just to bypass it.)

Stick a fork in me. I'm dunzo.

I am sick. sick. sick. sick. Nolan (who is now my lucky charm, as I was only sick w/ a terrible cold in the beginning of my pregnancy w/ him, and NOTHING SINCE... over a year!) is also sick... he is weathering it much better than I.

I think I am slowly starting to feel better, but on a scale of 1-10, 10 being healthy, I feel like a strong 3 today. Which sadly, is an improvement over the past few days.

I could without the death rattle in my throat though. *sigh* I'll be back when I start feeling human again.

(also, can't remember who asked, but his coat in the last set of pics was from mervyns I think. It was a gift from his grandma Inez.)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mimi (Meme-y)

5 jobs I’ve had:

1. Sales Administrator for two way communication company
2. Product rep / reset clerk for hardware lines
3. Daycare Teacher extraordinaire
4. Mom
5. Balloon seller at parades

5 movies I can watch over and over:

1. The Family Man
2. Christmas vacation
3. Coal Miner's Daughter
4. Napoleon Dynamite
5. Sex and the city dvds

5 places I have lived:

1. Burien, Wa
2. Kent, Wa
3. Boulevard Park, Wa
4. West Seattle, Wa
5. White Center, Wa

5 TV shows I love:

1. Real World/ Road Rules Challenge
2. Project Runway
3. ER
4. Lost
5. True Life

5 places I’ve vacationed:

1. Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. NY, NY
4. Montego Bay, Jamaica
5. Newport, OR

5 of my favorite dishes:

1. Cream of Mushroom soup chicken and noodles
2. Mizithra spaghetti from Old Spaghetti Factory
3. California chicken burger from Red Robin
4. Red Rice and pork chops
5. cobb salad

5 sites I visit daily:

1. Unapologetics.org
2. verymom.com
3. july05moms.com
4. flickr
5. celebrity-babies.typepad.com

5 places I would rather be right now:

1. NY,NY
2. NY,NY
3. NY,NY
4. NY,NY
5. NY,NY

5 people I am tagging:

1. Jane
2. Suzanne
3. Ragan
4. bonkrood
5. Mojodiva

Our nephews arrived on Monday and we are still settling in, everything is going rather smoothly; I am just adjusting to being DAMN busy now! I thought I was busy before... pffft! Between my school work, ferrying them to and from school (which is 3 trips because we have a kindergartner), organizing all of their stuff to fit in amongst our stuff, a teething baby, doing my homework, helping them with their homework... and just getting other random shit done. I am tired by the end of the day!

Good news is the school is close, so I've been walking them to and from, and yesterday I decided to walk up and down the hill we live on... it's 2 miles from our door to the bottom and back... but it's STEEP. Seriously, anyone that's been to our place can attest to that. Took 20 mins to get down, and 45 to get back up. Now my ass is sore.

he's about had it with all the 'in your face' camera action

If you look closely you can see his canine/eye teeth coming in here.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Fucking seahawks man. haven't been this disgusted since bush won the election. both times.

Supa Lazy

sometimes I like to see how much shit he'll let me balance on that noggin

today's record is 3.

and sometimes I like to see what he might look like with long hair.

someone is cutting teeth again