Saturday, December 31, 2005


(note the velveeta in the fondue pot... high class establishment over here... and uh... it burned. bad. so aaron went out and bought cheese dip :-D)

spumante. Yummyante.

"as soon as I figure out how to use this thing I'm calling my Grandma and telling her how mean my mommy is!"

Let's hope the new year holds lots more of this...

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and just because it's cute... he doesn't know whether to laugh or cry ...

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I should add that Nolan is in his own bed tonight. First time ever, he's never spent a night in his own room, always been in the cradle at the foot of our bed. To say I'm having anxiety is a bit of an understatement. All of a sudden that 20 foot hallway seems miles away. *sigh* I hope he at least gets a decent night's sleep so I don't have even more doubts about moving him now. I just thought it might be good to start the new year out in his own room.

well, it's 9pm and we're watching a movie, so I guess I'll catch y'all on the flipside.
6 Month Stats

18lbs 5.5 oz and 26.5 inches long. 90th percentile for both, and cleared for more solids including yogurt!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Holy crapola, we have a six month old on our hands...

This is the day he came home vs today... (the booties haven't fit in months, so I couldn't get those.)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I think it's going to be a long night. Today was AWFUL... he was tired but refusing to calm down and just go to sleep... what resulted was major cranky fussy baby time... for like 4 or 5 hours.

seriously. this is what I was dealing with for the bulk of the time... whether he was in his crib, in my arms, in the swing, in my lap, on the floor, in his highchair... NOTHING calmed him down for more than a minute or two.

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fast forward a few hours and you have agreeable, happy little monkey boy...

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then fast forward to now, and in the past HOUR since he went to sleep he's gotten up 3 times crying... and now I can hear aaron in there right now trying to sooth him as he's wailing.

he has been coughing today but I figured it was because he had screamed so loud and for so long this afternoon... he doesn't have a temp, and doesn't seem to have a plugged up nose or runny nose. *sigh* if we are indeed up all night tonight I may see if the doc will see him tommorrow rather than friday for his 6 month checkup.

here are some christmas pics...

cat antlers or baby antlers? YOU decide.


He looks like such a big boy here

love love LOVE the expression on his face here.

Our little family on christmas eve-eve.

nolan and daddy on christmas eve

Nolan loves uncle seth!

Aaron and I got away friday night for Holly's birthday

mommy and nolan

Lori opening her present from seth, some really pretty topaz earrings.

stocking time!

more pics to come later...

I've had just about all of the motherfucking screaming I can take.


Thursday, December 22, 2005


Little mister is down for his morning nap, so I thought I'd steal a few minutes and get on here and update. Updates will likely be scarce through the weekend, as I don't know when I'll have a chance to get on. Aaron took tommorrow off, so we will be heading up north to visit with his grandma and aunt and uncle (hi guys!) and then in the afternoon we will head over to my mom's and see my aunt and cousins for a bit. Tommorrow night is also Holly Joy-Joy's birthday party, so we will head on down to our favorite karaoke place for a bit.

Saturday during the day I believe we are celebrating w/ aaron's side of the family, and Saturday evening we are going to my dad's side. Christmas day will be spent at my mom's. Busy weekend!

Aaron is beside himself with the waiting... he is so excited to see me open my gifts from him that he is just chomping at the bit like you wouldn't believe. He's always been mr. laidback when it comes to holidays/birthdays etc... so to see this excitement and anticipation is really cool. I thought I had a clue as to what he got me, but the pieces of the puzzle just don't fit together with what I thought he got me. I won't divulge my guesses here until after christmas (I doubt I am even close anyway) but you will be able to see why I'm confused.

every day though he's been saying "want to open our stockings?" "want to open nolan's gift to you?" "why don't we just open something we got for nolan?" and on and on and on. I gave in a few days ago and we each picked one thing out of the stocking we filled for each other to open. I got a really oool pink pen, and he got a mini walkman radio.

then last night he was at it again, so I gave in and we opened our stockings to each other, as long as he promised that we'd wait for everything else until christmas. I have to say, he did really well w/ the stocking. Mama got a new eminem cd in hers! woohoo! As well as a bunch of other cool stuff. I hope he liked his stuff too; Nolan got a dvd and a shitload of socks in his. heh.

Well, I should get going and make the christmas cookies I was planning on making. I want all of these damn sweets out of MY HOME asap. I am not even going to go into how many of those damn pretzel candies I have shoved into my damn mouth.

He cracks my shit up when he does this... reminds me of a puppy dog the way he bites down and rears back.

It's hard to tell here, but Nolan was eating and totally cracking up when Asa came up and sat on him. He loves it when the cats show any recognition at all.

He loves asa.

Fool, you cr-aaaaayyyzzzzaaayyy

Something is a twitter.

our little ballerina boy. this cracks us up too.

while I don't have much time to devote to the other babies anymore, they aren't completely neglected. Here I show ben my love w/ a little hat torture.

one of nolan's great-great aunts in california sent him this outfit. (ok, really this pic is for my mom... I think aunt pauline sent this.)

check out those eyelashes... they have just come in thicker over the past month or so.

don't know why, but I love this one too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


can't remember whose blog i got these from...

I made a ton of these today... and can't stop eating them!

it's just the pretzels shaped like waffles, topped w/ a hershey kiss (hugs taste better...normally i don't care for them, but for this they rock!) you put in the oven (preheated to 170) for 4-6 minutes, then smoosh them down w/ an m&m. put in fridge for 10 mins to set and die from the goodness.

Image hosted by

Monday, December 19, 2005


aaron at 8 months and nolan at 5.5


nolan thought the antlers were hilarious.

santa and his rein-cat

I need to figure out a way to make some cashola and soon. I hate being broke... I'm sure in the end we'll be just fine, but I LOATHE, DETEST AND DESPISE cutting corners more than we already do.

I met w/ a family last night to see about getting their children off to school in the mornings... sucky thing is it's about an hour a day, 9 bucks an hour. *sigh* and they are looking for someone long term... very nice family and I will probably take it in the interim (while I keep looking for something else) but I feel sort of bad not telling them that I won't be staying long.

Other than that I have a million things to do around this place today...

*sort Aaron's stocking stuffers
*fill his stocking
*write a letter regarding my financial aid
*buy stamps
*mail letter and last of christmas cards
*wrap the last two things I got for Laurie
*clean nolan's room
*fold the two loads of laundry in the laundry room
*do a load of whites and fold it
*make the bed

and that's all I can think of for the moment.

Also, If I catch ben sitting on my laptop one more time I might just lose it. He got spanked this morning which did NOTHING as I turned around 15 minutes later and the fucker was making himself comfortable on it AGAIN. So I shoved him in the cat carrier and he had a time out.

So far he's been in time out twice today, and steering WAY clear of me. Every time I enter the room he bolts... makes me feel sort of bad, but stay off my damn laptop cat!

now, what you really came here for...

His book requires the utmost in concentration.

so far ben is being very tolerant... though it is under duress most often.

he WANTS that cat.

Aaron hard at work on our gingerbread house.


uh...who turned the lights out?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

video sunday

giggle monster

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he was supposed to be napping, but all I heard through the monitor was gabbing and raspberry blowing...

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It's been windy like this here for the past two days

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spoon chomper

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not a big fan of the frozen wash cloth.

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Friday, December 16, 2005


Tonight is my last night on the paper route. To say I'm happy is the UNDERSTATEMENT on the damn year.

he likes pears!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Productive Mama

Man, it seems that since before Thanksgiving we have been busy busy busy. Yesterday Nolan and I did the costco run, stopped at Babies R Us, and also hit fred meyers. then when Aaron got home we ran to a local junkyard to pick up a part for his car (aka the money HOG). Today we did Target and Home Depot, and when the little mister awakes from his nap, we'll run to the post office and deposit my checks from the paper route. Aaron is helping his friend out tonight which pisses me off... not that Aaron is pissing me off, it's that his friend is being insistent when we haven't had hardly ANY time to get shit done lately and he really needs to look at his car, but with other obligations it's fucking impossible. *end rant*.

I plan to stay at home tomorrow. Oops, baby crying...

I think he just needed binky replacement. You know, Nolan's always been a 'stationary sleeper'... never moved around much, granted, he has a sleep positioner and I swaddle the hell out of him, but still, some kids creep around the sleeping space. Last night and just now I found him crammed up tight against the top of the crib (last night it was the cradle.) weird.

I have decided to top breastfeeding. I am really sad about it, and will try to continue to pump for as long as I can, but I cannot deal with the biting. He doesn't get it, and is only biting because his teeth are bothering him, and NOTHING has worked. I know it's only been a week or two, but it hurts and I don't particularly enjoy living in fear and dreading feeding him. I am going to try and pump every few hours and drink tons of gatorade and eat lots of oatmeal to get my supply up, because while I am used to the idea of supplementing formula, I'd really like him to still be getting breastmilk for as long as possible.

We won't get into my issue of feeling like a failure for having to stop because I realize it's *my* issue. That said, I am just really sad about it.

I am hoping to be done with the paper route this weekend... though initially I was told that by wednesday (tommorrow) I would be done (YEAH RIGHT) I knew that wouldn't happen. So I am hoping by Sunday morning I can pass the torch. Now I need to get my ass in gear and start looking around for something else to do.

I am 99% done w/ my christmas shopping... one gift for sure left to get... no idea what to buy. I am going to a cookie exchange on Saturday and need to bake 6 dozen sugar cookies... which at the moment seems rather ambitious, but I'm sure it's doable. Oh and Aaron and I have a gingerbread house to put together (isn't he the greatest for going along with my holiday wiles?)

also... what the fuck... this house goes from clean to hovel in like 10 seconds flat. *sigh* I can't wait until Nolan is older and I can start assigning chores. ;-) I kid... sort of. heh. At least he won't be at our mercy for changing the channel... anyone else out there have to do that? Me and Aaron talk about that all the time, how when we were kids we could be in our rooms playing or at the table doing something and we'd get called into the other room to change the channel on the television. Free labor I guess :-)

Anyhoo, I should be going still need to make the bed, vacuum the livingroom/diningroom/hallway, find my stamps, fold the laundry, feed the baby and get my butt out the door to do the errands.

oh yeah, I broke out the 9 month clothes last night. This boy is 5.5 months old and in 9m clothing... looks like all the summery 12m clothes will have to go on ebay dammit.

The ornament I ordered for Nolan from

somebody got new kicks last week

He so totally is NOT watching tv here, and uh, it so totally isn't E.R. either... What? we like dr. carter. At least I do.

Ben's found his happy place

He knows he's the best dressed one here.

edited to add

that pic of nolan watching tv reminded me of one of aaron around age 3... just in case I ever think that this kid *might* look a little bit like me, let me remember.. they have the same face...

(in the second pic, aaron is the one on the left)

it's uncanny I think.

Monday, December 12, 2005


before I get into the real entry, a call for help to the home heating gurus out there. We have forced air heat here... or rather flush your fucking money down the toilet while you try to keep this tin can of a condo warm heat.

Anyhoo, when we do decide to break the bank and heat the place for a few minutes (usually to take the edge off the chill) I was noticing some black fibrous stuff that was coming out of the vents...

if that's not gross enough, it's getting on nolan's changing table, found some in our bed etc.

then I noticed a lot of it coming out of one of the vents yesterday

after I took that pic we vacuumed out all the vent grates, but it's still coming out...

what do we do to get it to stop, and more importantly what exactly is it?


In other news, I am not enjoying being a chew toy... nor am I enjoying hollering at Nolan to stop biting me, as it usually makes him cry when I am stern (I don't really holler... more like a sharp and forceful "NO.") ... which makes me feel awful.

Even though the teeth have broken the gums and are a good deal of the way through, he is chewing on everything like a madman, and generally in a not so good mood. It's been loads of fun.

Aaron and I both were feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, the little bit of a cold that Nolan had got transferred to us. And I think we were more worse for wear than he ever was, and I even complained more than Aaron did. *sigh* I am still feeling sort of crappy. So we didn't do a whole lot this weekend, Saturday I met w/ a prospective set of parent about watching their daughter after the new year (really hope it works out!), then we had dinner at my parent's house and on Sunday Aaron went to the Seahawk game w/ his brother while I nursed a scratchy throat and runny nose. Nolan was in rare form yesterday too... screaming and whining for much of the day... overtiredness + teething does not equal a happy baby.

Nolan loves his daddy

I see you!

auntie Lori is cool because she lets me run my rubbery fingers through her hair... it's fascinating.

Nolan loves his grampa too.

Getting a closer look

Yams are yummy! even though my daddy won't touch them with a ten foot pole, I like em!

Mid giggle

so funny

Mama's favorite outfit