Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hodge podge

If you are the praying type, I'd appreciate it if you could send a few our way. My grandpa (dad's father) has had probably more than one stroke in the last few days... is being stubborn and not wanting to go to the hospital (he's out of state... all my dad can do is cajole him into going)anyway... we've seen first hand what a stroke can do w/ medical care. I'd hate to think the damage it's ravaging w/out any care at all. I would appreciate prayers/good thoughts etc, and I know my dad would too.

In other news, we heard last night that Bill Gates was going to be at the Bellevue Best Buy to hand out the new x-boxes and play a few games w/ customers... Aaron decided he really wanted to go get one and try to meet Bill Gates... so he and my cousin went down there... only to find a line of like 300 people. He did see some cool stuff (people who'd brought generators down, and were using a projector on the outside wall of best buy to play the old x-box.) but ultimately they decided to try going somewhere else because they knew they'd be there for a while and may not even get one.

Long story short... at some point around midnight Aaron's alternator went out on the freeway. *sigh* At least my cousin was able to call AAA and arrange for a tow. But still... cars are a pain in the ASS man.

waking up from our morning nap

bouncy bouncy bouncy

Nolan and floyd chillin in the swing

Floyd's beak provides valuable sustenance.

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