Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy 5 months!

Holy cow, I can't believe he's been here for only 5 months... and yet already it's been 5 months??? Seems too long, and not long enough. I've been working on a photo project for a few days and I had forgotten how truly little he was... and how freakin' yellow. damn. he NEVER seemed that yellow to me at the time. why didn't you fuckers say something? :-D I kid.

anyhoo... see what I mean about the little?


4.5 months


not too much is going on here, Aaron is going out to microsoft tonight for a play test ... not too sure what that means, but he's hoping for some free shit in exchange. Other than that... still loathing the paper route, many thanks to the asshole who stood me up yesterday about watching her son. *sigh* telephones people... USE THEM.

I need to clean out my picture folder so here ya go...

aaron likes to show nolan how to turn the lights off :-)

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