Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy 5 months!

Holy cow, I can't believe he's been here for only 5 months... and yet already it's been 5 months??? Seems too long, and not long enough. I've been working on a photo project for a few days and I had forgotten how truly little he was... and how freakin' yellow. damn. he NEVER seemed that yellow to me at the time. why didn't you fuckers say something? :-D I kid.

anyhoo... see what I mean about the little?


4.5 months


not too much is going on here, Aaron is going out to microsoft tonight for a play test ... not too sure what that means, but he's hoping for some free shit in exchange. Other than that... still loathing the paper route, many thanks to the asshole who stood me up yesterday about watching her son. *sigh* telephones people... USE THEM.

I need to clean out my picture folder so here ya go...

aaron likes to show nolan how to turn the lights off :-)

Monday, November 28, 2005

still lazy

so unbelievably tired. so over this paper route... stood up today by the gal who was interested in having me care for her 10 month old son. *sigh* a phone call might've been nice.

here are some videos to tide you over...

Nolan and Daddy cracking each other up

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green beans are a hit!

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sucking them out of his sleeve...

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the look of determination when he plays with this toy just cracks me up.

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Nolan and Daddy playing

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hodge podge

If you are the praying type, I'd appreciate it if you could send a few our way. My grandpa (dad's father) has had probably more than one stroke in the last few days... is being stubborn and not wanting to go to the hospital (he's out of state... all my dad can do is cajole him into going)anyway... we've seen first hand what a stroke can do w/ medical care. I'd hate to think the damage it's ravaging w/out any care at all. I would appreciate prayers/good thoughts etc, and I know my dad would too.

In other news, we heard last night that Bill Gates was going to be at the Bellevue Best Buy to hand out the new x-boxes and play a few games w/ customers... Aaron decided he really wanted to go get one and try to meet Bill Gates... so he and my cousin went down there... only to find a line of like 300 people. He did see some cool stuff (people who'd brought generators down, and were using a projector on the outside wall of best buy to play the old x-box.) but ultimately they decided to try going somewhere else because they knew they'd be there for a while and may not even get one.

Long story short... at some point around midnight Aaron's alternator went out on the freeway. *sigh* At least my cousin was able to call AAA and arrange for a tow. But still... cars are a pain in the ASS man.

waking up from our morning nap

bouncy bouncy bouncy

Nolan and floyd chillin in the swing

Floyd's beak provides valuable sustenance.

Monday, November 21, 2005

We have movement!!!

He's been flirting with rolling over for a while now, but in the last two days it's become his obsession...

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so I guess this means no leaving him unattended on the changing table, kitchen table, coffee table etc? (KIDDING!)

also witness my little ham

in his office at grandma and grandpa's.

he's doing important work that requires much concentration.

good morning sunshine!

My newest favorite picture of him.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm back

Now that things seem to be settling down, you can expect to see more updates. For a few weeks things were just c-razy it seems. The past few days have been a welcome break from the busy-ness.

So let's recap... We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner on our anniversary (Nessa, that's going to be my suggestion for where we meet when you guys are in town, I'll email you today about it... it's centrally located and somewhat away from the insanity that is the holiday shopping madness... though we may have to wade through it to get there... hmmm.) then we saw jarhead at a downtown movie theater, it was a great movie, and we had a great time. Nolan spent the evening with auntie Lori.

I am so fucking done with this paper route... you don't even know. I am currently exploring the possibility of watching kids at our place to supplement an income. I just can't do this whole middle of the night gig anymore. I'm done. that and hauling the man child out of the car to go into the apt building is a big pain in my butt. The only drawback I forsee is that Aaron will have to take up the slack on mondays and wednesdays from about 3:30 until the kids are picked up, as I hope to be in class at that time. I know some people don't care for men watching their kids... I hope that since we have a baby they'll be a bit more flexible, but we'll see. He really wants me to be done w/ this b.s. too.

somehow in the last few weeks I've lost 7lbs. Don't know how, but I'm not complaining... I *need* to get my fat ass back to the gym... the gym I am PAYING FOR... as cheap as I am, you'd think I'd be there everyday trying to get my money's worth. I hope to go today, even as I sit here trying to think up excuses not to.

I've had to start supplementing formula... I was really upset about it at first (I got attached to this whole breastfeeding thing apparently, who knew?) Nolan was latching on and doing this whole suck suck scream thing for a while... and you know, you shouldn't yell at an infant... but after 3 or 4 days of this happening at *every* feed I would get frustrated and be all "COME ON NOLAN!" then feel like a big piece of shit, because I didn't know what the problem could be. So a week after his 4 month well baby check up, I took him back and the doc said he wasn't getting enough and until my supply increased, to supplement. Not exactly the answer I was looking for... so I've been drinking gatorade, taking a supplement, drinking mother's milk tea, and eating oatmeal. I *think* I've seen an improvement. He's never had more than one formula bottle a day, and I think even if I get my supply back I may go ahead and still give him that after nap bottle... it seems to satiate (is that the right word?) him better than breast milk, and he seems a happier little man in the evenings than he was just from nursing. (I think the twilight period of his day is his hungriest.)

Although we're not happy about the change in poop from just breastmilk to formula. That shit is nasty... pun intended. I particularly love the way he doesn't go for 3 days and then shits so much with such firepower it goes clear up his back to his neck. Awesome. And the smell... mmmm... it's worse than the catbox. yummy.

anyhoo, let's clear out some old pics... well at least they date back to about 10/22 or so...

I love this pic... and the ears, oh my the ears.

Nolan meets his cousin Geary for the first time

Nolan sits w/ (L-R)Dalylah, Eden and Julia

Hey babe, let me hang onto your ear ok?

Nolan likes the Lazyboy.

happy dude

this outfit was sent to us from cousin Steve and his family in Minnesota. I love it on him.

He must chew on EVERYTHING.

"pease buy dis fo me daddy!" this is my mom's favorite picture of Nolan so far

This outfit was given to me at my baby shower by 'auntie vicki'. :-)

Nolan at the pediatrician's office... yeah, he was happy until he got his shots. Poor buddy.

Nolan was invited to his first birthday party! The birthday boy was turning a year old right before halloween, so it was a costume party. Obviously birthday parties are exhausting. :-)

the birthday boy was a puppy

Monday, November 14, 2005

Dear Asa,

STOP licking the neosporin off the baby's nose.

that is all.

love and kisses,

the mama.

I know I've been absent lately. I'll try to be back on here a bit more, things are settling down now.

also, making this made me cry: (mom... you may not want to view this... or you may want to. You always say I don't warn you, so here is your warning.)


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Wow. It's been a whole year... Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. One year down, a zillion to go.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


been busy today... cleaned the house, deposited my paychecks... showered, did my hair and managed some makeup even. Laundry is going, baby is napping... still need to clean the bedroom, fold the laundry... write something to be read at the memorial service about my grandpa and put together the memory boards. *sigh* I just want a nap.

so how about some videos?

here's a peek inside my house this morning... it's all rainy and gloomy here.

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here's one from halloween... my uncle gary was doing his best to entertain Nolan, and was wearing the hat to nolan's costume.

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here we work on our sitting skills

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this one just makes me smile

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he loves being bounced

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Love the ears

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and he's got spirit, yes he does...

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