Tuesday, October 18, 2005


A few things to be happy about today... Suzanne got the news she was hoping for!!! Hot damn, my eyes teared up when I read that. She is such a sweetheart, and I am so happy for her and Erich!!!!

The little mister is currently napping in his crib. Yeah. CRIB. not Crip... I was hurrying yesterday, and I could go back and fix it but ... eh. He went down w/ a lot less fuss today... which is weird considering the morning we had. I was ready to toss his little ass right out the window when we woke up. He screamed. and screamed. and then screamed some more. And when I tried to feed him he kept popping off while pulling on me and that shit hurts. About the 5th time I decided "enough." and I put him down and went and made myself a cup of coffee. He proceeded to scream even louder than before... which I didn't think possible. I came back, tried to feed him again, and he cooperated... thankfully. It was stressing me out big time. I can't complain as he normally doesn't do that, but damn.

I eat the same thing for lunch every single day.... have since I was pregnant. stir fried vegetables (not really fried, more like boiled... I use water and sauce, no oil.) and white rice. I love me some white rice. I cooked it today in the rice cooker... soooo good. Why does it taste so much better when I do that? I should do it more often, because I can make a few days worth rather than making such a small amount every day.

now some pictures that crack our shit up...

pease oh pease can I have it?


heh... pinching a loaf.

step off fool!

you have his undivided attention.

did you hear that? I heard that...

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