Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's time to unload

So, we've been pretty busy lately... I haven't been updating you on much more than the goings on of Nolan's day to day life.... So, let's get some stuff off my chest...

1. The car

It was Aaron's 1990 Honda Accord that was stolen the night before last. The fiero has been gone from our place since May... he sold it to his best friend. That's a good thing, and a bad thing. The good part being that if he wants, his friend told him whenever he wants to borrow it, it's his. And if he ever goes to sell it, he agreed to give Aaron first dibs. The bad part is that Aaron now gets to sit idly by and watch his car get fixed up, and it's not his anymore. He's excited to see it become tricked out, but I think it also breaks his heart a little bit every time something new gets done. I could be wrong... it's an observation, and it breaks my heart... we had to sell it though. With the new condo there's no where to park it, and we won't have any money to put into it for a few years... it would have been bad to let it just sit somewhere and rot, you know?

Anyway, back to the Honda... we bought it from my cousins about 2 weeks ago... we still owe a bit of cash on it, so I was pretty upset to find out yesterday morning that it was gone. I got up this morning at 2:30 for the paper route, and saw that our answering machine was blinking. It was the cops saying that the car had been found, but wasn't driveable. I got Aaron up and he called them back; they didn't tow it, so we headed down to find it. Of course the fuckers leave it on the hardest to find stretch of street in Renton. *sigh* we drove by it at least once without ever seeing it... I think we were expecting it to be out on the street; not sitting in front of some 'in progress' house in a new housing developement.

SO far as we can tell, the only real damage is the ignition... they busted it so you can start the car with a freakin' screw driver. The stereo is gone... no biggie, Aaron prefers his old one anyway. What chaps my ass is the carseat... gone. I figure they probably threw it in some dumpster somewhere... thanks a lot you fuckers. It was a baby shower gift from Aaron's aunt and uncle and was really nice. To say I'd like to take a baseball bat to those jerkoffs is an understatement. But at least we have it back. That's good.

2. Nolan's milestones... he's still not really rolling over, though I shoulder much of that blame... he hates tummy time and I hate hearing him scream. He does roll from side to side when he's on his back, and has rolled over a few times... I *need* to be better about forcing the issue. He's now reaching for things, tolerating his bouncy chair and swing again, still enjoying his jumperoo and doesn't mind laying on his back on under his gymini. He's been napping every day in his crib... sometimes under protest, but for the most part he's agreeable now. He has his 4 month checkup tomorrow... poor peanut will be getting shots. I am dreading the appt more than ever... I feel like such a heel when he gets his shots and screams.

3. Tatum. I haven't mentioned my friend Tatum in a while... I didn't want to bring it up on this website, but damn if I am not sick and tired of this silent treatment bullshit. She and I have not spoken since April... I'm not the only one she is not returning phone calls or emails to, so I doubt she's mad at us... i think she's just going through some shit. But you know what? we've been friends for 12 years and this bullshit needs to STOP. Best friends my ass. I am not even mad anymore as much as I am just wanting to talk to her... this girl was so excited about me having a baby and do you know she has never once seen him, or even returned any of my phone calls or called to say congrats? WHAT THE HELL. I don't really know what to do anymore... do I give up? I went by her house a few times, I don't even think she's living there anymore. (went by there today actually; Aaron's car was found in her neighborhood.) I know she knows about Nolan... I sent her mom an announcement (as I think that's where she's holed up). I know she used to read this website pretty often... would be surprised if she wasn't still lurking. I've sent emails where I begged, emails where I've been bitchy, emails where I've just acted like there wasn't anything strange going on. Nothing seems to get through. Any advice?

alrighty, how about some pics...

I came home last weekend from the paper route to find the boys all sleeping together in front of the tv. so sweet.

bath time is fun!

It's so nice to look forward to bath time rather than dread it. The other day he got to kicking so hard he nearly soaked me. :-)

My cousins cassie and cori ... we went to their high school's homecoming game, it was Nolan's first football game!

she's got spirit, yes she does!

mama and nolan at the game

my sweetie boy

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