Friday, October 07, 2005


so, update on the binky situation...

First of all, I had never thought to search within quotation marks. As savvy as I like to fancy myself about internet stuff, I always forget to do that. I had posted the same sort of entry on my july05 board... and one of the moms had some that had never been used. She said she would mail them to me.

Turns out the binkies were a dollar item at target a while back... I would guess last winter or so. I've checked the dollar section at our target here and the one by the mall, but nothing. I kind of figured it was a long shot.

So when I got home and read te guestbook comments, I did a copernic search for "teeny Step" pacifiers and somehow stumbled on another old ebay auction. I promptly emailed her and if all goes according to plan there are some binkies on a dhl truck right about now on the way to me. *sigh* I hope!

Nolan's baptism is this weekend, we'll take lots of pics for sure. Tonight I am meeting a bunch of girls from the july boards for coffee, another gal is visiting her family from Utah, so we are taking the opportunity to all meet for coffee in North Seattle. I'm excited! Next weekend we are all meeting up at a local pumpkin patch, it's really cool to meet people I've been talking to since I got pregnant.

Thank you everyone for all the helpful comments and offers to look for the binkies in your local targets... I really appreciate it.

Oh... the binkies are shaped like nuks. But they are thinner and possibly longer than the nuk's. I've tried just about every kind of paci that is out there...


And that's about 3/4 of the ones we've got. There's at LEAST another 10-15 floating around here somewhere. it's not that he objects to them all... he just seems to be able to keep the teeny step binkies in his mouth a lot easier.

also... 'LOST' this week... anyone else left feeling sort of... WHAT THE FUCK? Specifically regarding Michelle Rodriguez's character... we know that she was in the rear of the plane... and yet she seems to be not so much a team player. Aaron and I have had much debate over her since Wednesday night. I kind of think she paired up with those other guys (are they really the... 'OTHERS'?) for survival. I dont' necessarily think she is one of them.

Also. I think the writers are walking a very fine line right now. The more farfetched and strange they make the show, they are truly risking jumping the shark in a big way. At least in my book. I like a show that is somewhat believable... and so far, it is.

anyway, Aaron thinks brainwashing is involved where Michelle Rodriguez is concerned. I am not so sure.

anyhoo... what do you think?

tastes like... blanket.

all bundled up for the paper route

Contemplating stuff in his bumbo

not so happy

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