Monday, October 03, 2005

Good Weekend!

Man, that one flew by fast. Friday night we stayed at home and just hung out. We caught up on Lost that night, and are now all in sync w/ the new season. I still don't care for shannon... though I feel sort of sorry for her, and I like the whole shannon and sayid storyline... so maybe she's growing on me.

Still don't like Locke... still having a hard time seeing Jack (Matthew Fox) as anyone other than Charlie Salinger from his party of five days. In fact, when anyone says the name Charlie on Lost, I automatically think they're talking about Jack. It's going to take a while to deprogram my brain from that.

Saturday we had a bunch of stuff to get done, I had a sub for my paper route and we went out for the evening. My mom took Nolan for the night... it was really weird to not have our little man with us, but it was kind of a nice little break. I did miss him like crazy though. It was just nice to be out with grown ups again. Drinking BEER! I have TONS of video of the night, but sadly... I do not fancy putting my drunk ass on the internet. Well ok, just one... it's the least catterwalling of the lot...

I was singing johnny angel in case it's not clear.

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and because it's cute, I had the camera on and rolling when Aaron was giving his standard goodbye speech to the cats. He always puts molly in charge of the other ones when we leave. Presumably because she doesn't take any shit.

I might add that I may get in trouble for posting this... heh.

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Little dude is now LAUGHING! He started it on Friday, and Aaron got him to do it again on Saturday morning and then I got a few chuckles out of him on Saturday night. The video below shows him sort of laughing... kind of half laughing, the times before were better, but we didn't have the camera then and God forbid he do it when the camera's rolling!

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