Friday, October 14, 2005


Boy I love the internet...

and rumour has it that I have two more on their way!

So, how about I recap the baptism in pics? ok then...

here we are right before the service. Nolan was STARVING apparently, so I was giving him any extra milk I could before we had to go in. I actually gave him some milk while we stood up there because homeboy was starting to protest when the pastor was talking. Luckily the binky shut him up, and all went well.

from left, Nolan's godparents: Sarah and Mike (the newlyweds!), Lori and Matt.


I love this picture of Lori, that sweater is my favorite.

Uncle Matt... he was nervous holding Nolan here.

Nolan in his baptism outfit..a tad shiny for my taste, but the least fancy... I wanted something plain and simple.

Heather and miss Julia made it to the ceremony! You might remember us from my baby shower...

It's so cool that we are both done being pregnant and just enjoying our babies. I had such a good time sitting and chatting with her at lunch after the baptism.

Lori and miss julia

this is for mike and sarah, this is the outfit they gave him for his baptism, so cute! I am LOVING the fact that the shirt is a long sleeved onesie, he doesn't have hardly any of those. They also gave him his first bible, it's a precious moments bible. So sweet.

my parents gave nolan a special gift, it's a block with the letter N on one side, and then I'll put pics below this of each subsequent side. Eventually the goal is to spell out his name in the commemorative blocks. How cool is that?

My mom found a gal on ebay who makes these. I was incredibly impressed, so cool.

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