Monday, October 17, 2005

A couple of things...

I must weep. My barely 3.5 month old baby is wearing 6-9 month clothing. The 6 month stuff fits like a fricken glove, the 6-9 month stuff is mostly still a bit big, though some of the off brand stuff fits really well. Most of his 3-6 month stuff still fits; but is getting smaller. I really overbought in the clothes department for this kid though. I just went through and got rid of all the thrift store stuff I've picked up along the way that I wasn't crazy about... he's seriously got like 20 sleepers for this size... a plethora of actual outfits, and a gazillion onesies. It's fashion on parade over here!

I am just not ready for him to be so big yet.

The good thing is; at every new size, when I open up the crate to start taking out clothes, it's like christmas. I have also started seperating the clothes he doesn't fit anymore into two boxes. Boy and gender neutral. though I swear we need to have at least 3 kids because the boy stuff needs another run, and we need to have a girl when more $$ is coming into the house so I can drape everything in pink and buy every damn thing that has ruffles on it for her.

Then I'll probably want one more girl, so lets make it an even 4!


As you may recall, we were about to be married around this time last year. Since our first anniversary is rapidly approaching we have been debating what to do for it for the past few weeks. And we are at a loss. Part of me wants to create a tradition all our own, to do every single year on our anniversary. But I have no clue what that might be. The first anniversary is what... paper? So we could give each other a gift each year representing what each anniversary stands for... this year the traditional gift would be of paper, and the modern gift of clocks... hmmm. Sounds intrigueing.

The other thing we don't know is what to do to commemorate it.... fancy dinner out or do something the monday after, when Aaron has the day off. *sigh* any ideas?

In baby news... today is day one of "you ARE going to sleep in your crip at naptime DAMMIT."

I've already gone in 4 times in the past 30 minutes to replace a binky. He's not fussing but he fell asleep while eating and then woke up when I moved him. I know he's tired, and I *really* want him to start napping in there. I figure it may take a few days/weeks whatever before he's comfortable in there because it's new. I did put his usual sleep positioner down w/ his blankie. And he has his paci, so we'll see.

How about some pics?

It's all about the fingers lately...everything. He would jam both of his hands and one of mine in his mouth if he could, it's really quite cute. I'm all about the self soothing, and man is it nice to hear him suck on them in the car when I can't reach around the back to stuff a pacifier in his mouth.

the daddy took this one, they were clowning around w/ his mariners hat one morning while I slept. So sweet.

this is the morning of his baptism; He was in a onesie, and we were in a hurry so I plopped him in the bunny suit and away we went. Now I'm always looking for excuses to put him in it... the ears. My goodness, I could just bite them.

has anyone seen the baby?

Auntie Lori came to visit. Here's nolan in mid-raspberry.

I was watching my godson Andrew for a bit on friday, and he and Aaron got in some video game time. It was really cute to watch them together.

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