Monday, October 31, 2005

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nolan's First Experience With Cereal...

So I figured at 4 months I'd try cereal...

cereal? cereal? did someone say cereal?

I'm a big boy today! Cereal, wahoo!!!

he's giddy with anticipation

come on dudes!

then the mood quickly took a turn after his first bite...

and this was his 2nd bite...

final conclusion is he's not ready. He doesn't quite get that there is food on the spoon, and he doesn't open his mouth for it ... rather he tasted the breastmilk I mixed w/ the cereal and became frantic trying to suck his hands or my hands looking for the milk. Poor peanut was so confused; I figure I'll try again at 5 months, and see what happens.

He also got invited to his first birthday party and it was yesterday! I'll post pics of that this week.

Friday, October 28, 2005


*SIGH* sometime yesterday between 7am and 4pm my car was broken into and the stereo is gone, my gymbag was taken (not that there was anything important in there... sweaty towel and an old people magazine mmm!) and the center console was torn apart.

Image hosted by

To say I'm pissed is the understatement of the year. This is the nicest car I've ever owned and motherfuckers are tearing it apart and I'm bordering on the edge of violent. I want to take a baseball bat to whomever is fucking with us... in the worst way.

When I got home this morning I thought I saw something shady going on, so I called the cops and rather than park in the carport, I parked in front of the stairs leading up to our door... I intended to only leave it there until it got light out (it was 6:40am) and then I'd move it over to the carport. At 8:10 I had a knock at the door; it was a neighbor telling me she thought my car was going to be towed. I went outside and there was a note under my windshield wiper telling me which exact bylaws I had broken according to the new regulations just passed last month. On my back window, there was a large neon orange sticker telling me I had a final notice and my car was going to be towed. The time on both of these notes? 6;50 am... I tried to peel the sticker off the car and of course. It won't come off; but in tiny little shredded pieces.

To say I went apeshit is probably also an understatement. I promptly called our property management company and left a sternly worded mssg and I called the dumb bitch secretary of the board who did it and told her under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was she EVER to put a sticker on my car again. I am not a rule breaker, and I don't make a habit of it... I was scared, I had called the police and I was alone with my baby. I chose the path that seemed the safest at the time and I can see if I was breaking the rules a lot or had been warned... but to put not only a note on the windshield and fucking sticker on the rear window IS OVERKILL. I then said she had better scrape that shit off of my window, because I was unable to remove it myself... if she doesn't I swear to you she's going to find it plastered on her front door.

I have motherfucking had it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's time to unload

So, we've been pretty busy lately... I haven't been updating you on much more than the goings on of Nolan's day to day life.... So, let's get some stuff off my chest...

1. The car

It was Aaron's 1990 Honda Accord that was stolen the night before last. The fiero has been gone from our place since May... he sold it to his best friend. That's a good thing, and a bad thing. The good part being that if he wants, his friend told him whenever he wants to borrow it, it's his. And if he ever goes to sell it, he agreed to give Aaron first dibs. The bad part is that Aaron now gets to sit idly by and watch his car get fixed up, and it's not his anymore. He's excited to see it become tricked out, but I think it also breaks his heart a little bit every time something new gets done. I could be wrong... it's an observation, and it breaks my heart... we had to sell it though. With the new condo there's no where to park it, and we won't have any money to put into it for a few years... it would have been bad to let it just sit somewhere and rot, you know?

Anyway, back to the Honda... we bought it from my cousins about 2 weeks ago... we still owe a bit of cash on it, so I was pretty upset to find out yesterday morning that it was gone. I got up this morning at 2:30 for the paper route, and saw that our answering machine was blinking. It was the cops saying that the car had been found, but wasn't driveable. I got Aaron up and he called them back; they didn't tow it, so we headed down to find it. Of course the fuckers leave it on the hardest to find stretch of street in Renton. *sigh* we drove by it at least once without ever seeing it... I think we were expecting it to be out on the street; not sitting in front of some 'in progress' house in a new housing developement.

SO far as we can tell, the only real damage is the ignition... they busted it so you can start the car with a freakin' screw driver. The stereo is gone... no biggie, Aaron prefers his old one anyway. What chaps my ass is the carseat... gone. I figure they probably threw it in some dumpster somewhere... thanks a lot you fuckers. It was a baby shower gift from Aaron's aunt and uncle and was really nice. To say I'd like to take a baseball bat to those jerkoffs is an understatement. But at least we have it back. That's good.

2. Nolan's milestones... he's still not really rolling over, though I shoulder much of that blame... he hates tummy time and I hate hearing him scream. He does roll from side to side when he's on his back, and has rolled over a few times... I *need* to be better about forcing the issue. He's now reaching for things, tolerating his bouncy chair and swing again, still enjoying his jumperoo and doesn't mind laying on his back on under his gymini. He's been napping every day in his crib... sometimes under protest, but for the most part he's agreeable now. He has his 4 month checkup tomorrow... poor peanut will be getting shots. I am dreading the appt more than ever... I feel like such a heel when he gets his shots and screams.

3. Tatum. I haven't mentioned my friend Tatum in a while... I didn't want to bring it up on this website, but damn if I am not sick and tired of this silent treatment bullshit. She and I have not spoken since April... I'm not the only one she is not returning phone calls or emails to, so I doubt she's mad at us... i think she's just going through some shit. But you know what? we've been friends for 12 years and this bullshit needs to STOP. Best friends my ass. I am not even mad anymore as much as I am just wanting to talk to her... this girl was so excited about me having a baby and do you know she has never once seen him, or even returned any of my phone calls or called to say congrats? WHAT THE HELL. I don't really know what to do anymore... do I give up? I went by her house a few times, I don't even think she's living there anymore. (went by there today actually; Aaron's car was found in her neighborhood.) I know she knows about Nolan... I sent her mom an announcement (as I think that's where she's holed up). I know she used to read this website pretty often... would be surprised if she wasn't still lurking. I've sent emails where I begged, emails where I've been bitchy, emails where I've just acted like there wasn't anything strange going on. Nothing seems to get through. Any advice?

alrighty, how about some pics...

I came home last weekend from the paper route to find the boys all sleeping together in front of the tv. so sweet.

bath time is fun!

It's so nice to look forward to bath time rather than dread it. The other day he got to kicking so hard he nearly soaked me. :-)

My cousins cassie and cori ... we went to their high school's homecoming game, it was Nolan's first football game!

she's got spirit, yes she does!

mama and nolan at the game

my sweetie boy

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well Shit

Aaron's car was stolen last night. *sigh* Nice.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


been one of those days. Not making good choices when it comes to bedtime, and as a result I am dog tired. That's ok though... baby steps. I plan on making it an early night tonight.

It's so wonderful to pack Nolan up in his car seat, drive all the way out to bellevue (a good 25 mins on the freeway) and haul out his stroller, attach his carseat, make the hike from the parking lot to the college financial aid office, stand inline and then be told that the form I need is only available on line and to download it, fill it out and *then* bring it in. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT TO KNOW WHEN I CALLED TO ASK HOW TO GO ABOUT GETTING THE FORM 2 FREAKIN DAYS AGO!!! That's just reason 1,980 why I hate the community college way of things.

We were notified this week that my Grandpa is in need of hospice care. Doctor predicts he will not last the month... heard this before, but they've never recommended hospice care before, so ... things are not good.

on that note, I will end w/ some pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend...

We thought it was going to be cold out, so Nolan was in his lumberjack wear. It ended up being really sunny out.

Heather and julia were there, so the betrothed couple got to see each other again.

so sweet

Nolan and daddy are ready to go... but something's missing

there we go!

even better

Julia catches some z's

the group of mom's we met up with from the boards I frequented during my pregnancy and now during my time as a mommy.

this is for all my homies in their cribs.

Heather and Julia and Nolan and I

Nolan and Julia chat each other up

Nolan's bad to the bone Binky.

My favorite pic of heather and Julia, she looks so dang happy and has such a glow about her these days.

Nolan's new friend Adam! His parents are native aussies who are now living here, Adam's mom sarah and I have designs to meet up for a play date in the future.

Don't expect an update tomorrow; insanely busy day planned.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


A few things to be happy about today... Suzanne got the news she was hoping for!!! Hot damn, my eyes teared up when I read that. She is such a sweetheart, and I am so happy for her and Erich!!!!

The little mister is currently napping in his crib. Yeah. CRIB. not Crip... I was hurrying yesterday, and I could go back and fix it but ... eh. He went down w/ a lot less fuss today... which is weird considering the morning we had. I was ready to toss his little ass right out the window when we woke up. He screamed. and screamed. and then screamed some more. And when I tried to feed him he kept popping off while pulling on me and that shit hurts. About the 5th time I decided "enough." and I put him down and went and made myself a cup of coffee. He proceeded to scream even louder than before... which I didn't think possible. I came back, tried to feed him again, and he cooperated... thankfully. It was stressing me out big time. I can't complain as he normally doesn't do that, but damn.

I eat the same thing for lunch every single day.... have since I was pregnant. stir fried vegetables (not really fried, more like boiled... I use water and sauce, no oil.) and white rice. I love me some white rice. I cooked it today in the rice cooker... soooo good. Why does it taste so much better when I do that? I should do it more often, because I can make a few days worth rather than making such a small amount every day.

now some pictures that crack our shit up...

pease oh pease can I have it?


heh... pinching a loaf.

step off fool!

you have his undivided attention.

did you hear that? I heard that...

Monday, October 17, 2005

A couple of things...

I must weep. My barely 3.5 month old baby is wearing 6-9 month clothing. The 6 month stuff fits like a fricken glove, the 6-9 month stuff is mostly still a bit big, though some of the off brand stuff fits really well. Most of his 3-6 month stuff still fits; but is getting smaller. I really overbought in the clothes department for this kid though. I just went through and got rid of all the thrift store stuff I've picked up along the way that I wasn't crazy about... he's seriously got like 20 sleepers for this size... a plethora of actual outfits, and a gazillion onesies. It's fashion on parade over here!

I am just not ready for him to be so big yet.

The good thing is; at every new size, when I open up the crate to start taking out clothes, it's like christmas. I have also started seperating the clothes he doesn't fit anymore into two boxes. Boy and gender neutral. though I swear we need to have at least 3 kids because the boy stuff needs another run, and we need to have a girl when more $$ is coming into the house so I can drape everything in pink and buy every damn thing that has ruffles on it for her.

Then I'll probably want one more girl, so lets make it an even 4!


As you may recall, we were about to be married around this time last year. Since our first anniversary is rapidly approaching we have been debating what to do for it for the past few weeks. And we are at a loss. Part of me wants to create a tradition all our own, to do every single year on our anniversary. But I have no clue what that might be. The first anniversary is what... paper? So we could give each other a gift each year representing what each anniversary stands for... this year the traditional gift would be of paper, and the modern gift of clocks... hmmm. Sounds intrigueing.

The other thing we don't know is what to do to commemorate it.... fancy dinner out or do something the monday after, when Aaron has the day off. *sigh* any ideas?

In baby news... today is day one of "you ARE going to sleep in your crip at naptime DAMMIT."

I've already gone in 4 times in the past 30 minutes to replace a binky. He's not fussing but he fell asleep while eating and then woke up when I moved him. I know he's tired, and I *really* want him to start napping in there. I figure it may take a few days/weeks whatever before he's comfortable in there because it's new. I did put his usual sleep positioner down w/ his blankie. And he has his paci, so we'll see.

How about some pics?

It's all about the fingers lately...everything. He would jam both of his hands and one of mine in his mouth if he could, it's really quite cute. I'm all about the self soothing, and man is it nice to hear him suck on them in the car when I can't reach around the back to stuff a pacifier in his mouth.

the daddy took this one, they were clowning around w/ his mariners hat one morning while I slept. So sweet.

this is the morning of his baptism; He was in a onesie, and we were in a hurry so I plopped him in the bunny suit and away we went. Now I'm always looking for excuses to put him in it... the ears. My goodness, I could just bite them.

has anyone seen the baby?

Auntie Lori came to visit. Here's nolan in mid-raspberry.

I was watching my godson Andrew for a bit on friday, and he and Aaron got in some video game time. It was really cute to watch them together.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Boy I love the internet...

and rumour has it that I have two more on their way!

So, how about I recap the baptism in pics? ok then...

here we are right before the service. Nolan was STARVING apparently, so I was giving him any extra milk I could before we had to go in. I actually gave him some milk while we stood up there because homeboy was starting to protest when the pastor was talking. Luckily the binky shut him up, and all went well.

from left, Nolan's godparents: Sarah and Mike (the newlyweds!), Lori and Matt.


I love this picture of Lori, that sweater is my favorite.

Uncle Matt... he was nervous holding Nolan here.

Nolan in his baptism outfit..a tad shiny for my taste, but the least fancy... I wanted something plain and simple.

Heather and miss Julia made it to the ceremony! You might remember us from my baby shower...

It's so cool that we are both done being pregnant and just enjoying our babies. I had such a good time sitting and chatting with her at lunch after the baptism.

Lori and miss julia

this is for mike and sarah, this is the outfit they gave him for his baptism, so cute! I am LOVING the fact that the shirt is a long sleeved onesie, he doesn't have hardly any of those. They also gave him his first bible, it's a precious moments bible. So sweet.

my parents gave nolan a special gift, it's a block with the letter N on one side, and then I'll put pics below this of each subsequent side. Eventually the goal is to spell out his name in the commemorative blocks. How cool is that?

My mom found a gal on ebay who makes these. I was incredibly impressed, so cool.