Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I have a few minutes as Nolan is dozing in the swing. (memo to child: would have been nice if you could've done that earlier so mommy could've gotten some shut eye!) I won't nap in the afternoon or I don't sleep at night, and he only dozed for about an hour this morning; long enough for me to wind down and start to drift off to sleep. But I'm not complaining, he was very cooperative on the paper route last night.

Speaking of the paper route, that shit is HELL when you don't know where you are or what street you are on, and people don't have fucking house numbers. Seriously. Put numbers on your house SOMEWHERE... especially if you take the paper. Also, I hope I don't get the cops called, because half the time I have to shine a flashlight on the house to find the number, and it probably looks like I'm casing the joint.

I take a flashlight (the spider spotter), and a fly swatter (the spider swatter) with me on some of the porch deliveries. Fucking spiders man. GAH. I do NOT like walking through webs either.

oh yeah, I'm not sure what exactly is in a smith and wesson... pepsi, cream, vodka, and kahlua I think. Yummy whatever it is!

Not too much has been going on; so I'll leave you with some pics ...

Full of doubt

what a streeeetttccchhhh

The daddy assists in keeping the pacifier in place

Nolan goes through his artsy phase

Nolan helps decorate adrienne and keith's wedding getaway car

Benny has decided that he is TAKING.BACK.THE.HOUSE. and by house I mean the mama and the daddy's laps.

these are jammies my great aunt pauline made for her grandbaby I think, and they were passed to my mom for me. Now Nolan gets them... these pj's are probably 30 years old. here is the conservative shot.

and this is the sexy windblown skin shot. One button... seriously?

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