Monday, September 19, 2005


Don't mind me, I'm just reallllllly tired. No nap today, eventually I'll get used to this schedule though. Not too much going on, Aaron is home today so that's pretty cool. We are taking Nolan to our favorite lunch place ... they are only open during the week days and we used to go there for lunch all the time when we were first dating. :-)

check it out, I'm the master distractor.

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(by the way, let me know if you like this video service better than the other one I've been using.)

We went out to dinner with Aaron's sister and brother and uncle on Saturday, as Friday would have been Aaron's dad's 56th birthday (I think). We went to his favorite restaurant and it was very nice to see everyone and visit.

I am blessed with some kick ass friends and family. Friday night Lori offered to go with me on my paper route, and I took her up on it of course! I picked her up at 2:30am and she promptly got car sick... all the starting and stopping of the car etc. Holly volunteered to go with me on Saturday night, that was a godsend.


Sundays are a bitch.

The cats are realizing that perhaps there are some perks to having Nolan around.

so many captions, so little time... "I!... AM!.... NUMBER ONE!..." "FIRST OF ALL! these are MY keys."

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