Wednesday, September 28, 2005

quick update

Been busy, joined a gym this week; sorry for the lack of updates. Also, Aaron and I are knee deep in the first season of LOST, and we are sucked in but good. A few curious things I've noticed...

When kate gets the keys to the safe deposit box, it's box 815... same as the number of the doomed oceanic flight.

When Sayid and Kate and Shannon are setting off the bottle rockets to form the triangle, shannon is talking to Rousseau... but that's before she captures sayid... I wonder if anything is made of this. I only notice this because I saw a few of the later episodes...

Also, Took nolan to Olan Mills today for his 3 month portraits. Had a free coupon, iddn't intend to spend any more than that, but of course she got him to smile a bunch so... I spent 100 bucks. Shoot me. I am a sucker for that grin.

Also! I lopped off a lot of my hair today! I have been seriously thinking about it, and Aaron had requested that I do it at some point.. I had shoulder length hair when we met and he wanted me to go back to it. So I did and it went over pretty dang good.



I love it!

some videos that I've been meaning to unload...

Here is proof that I am not always the instigator when it comes to torturing the cats...

Upload Video at

Just in case you were wondering, he doesn't sit up on his own yet.

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Bath time is traumatic...

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