Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No nap today

Good thing I got 4 hours of sleep last night, Nolan is not going to let me take a nap today. That's ok, yesterday I was allowed a 3 hour one... it was great. He's currently happily playing in his office...

paper route is going well, was home by 6am today... getting faster all the time! We met with the pastor at my aunt's church on Sunday, Nolan will be getting baptised on October 9... the same day I was baptised. Now to figure out what he'll wear...

my new favorite outfit from the doggone cute line by carters... bought it also in a size 12 months... he's got a lot of stuff that repeats with different ages. That's the cool thing too about him moving up in sizes, it's like I just went shopping! He's got a TON of clothes,I can't help myself, if I see it and it's cute, I buy it! it's like dressing up my own little doll :-)

speaking of dolls, here is a shot of miss julia when I visited her and Heather a while back...

and just in case you thought the torture ended with the cats...

what he thinks of the torture:

and lastly,


also, for the grandma who won't stop badgering me :-D

Click here to watch nolan in his jumperoo

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