Thursday, September 29, 2005


I totally laughed out loud when reading Sundry's recent entry...Anyway, my current lip-purser has to do with leaving Riley in his bassinet when he's awake. I mean during the day, not at 3:42 AM when I plunk him down and murmur sweet nothings in his ear about how I'm going to FedEx him to Siberia if he doesn't shut his little milk-hole and go to sleep already goddammit.

Heh. The new phrase around our house now is 'SHUT YER MILKHOLE!'

And um... if I was a member of Oceanic Flight 815, I think I would have rather the plane crashed into the ocean rather than go through what these poor souls are going through. Of course, I must remind myself constantly that it's a tv show but damn. And John Locke is a fucking freak. I also don't get why people aren't a bit more agreeable in helping each other. That stupid bitch Shannon... everytime she balks at helping decipher french or when she whines or anything... makes me crazy.

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