Friday, September 30, 2005

new favorite

my new favorite pic of nolan...

Thursday, September 29, 2005


I totally laughed out loud when reading Sundry's recent entry...Anyway, my current lip-purser has to do with leaving Riley in his bassinet when he's awake. I mean during the day, not at 3:42 AM when I plunk him down and murmur sweet nothings in his ear about how I'm going to FedEx him to Siberia if he doesn't shut his little milk-hole and go to sleep already goddammit.

Heh. The new phrase around our house now is 'SHUT YER MILKHOLE!'

And um... if I was a member of Oceanic Flight 815, I think I would have rather the plane crashed into the ocean rather than go through what these poor souls are going through. Of course, I must remind myself constantly that it's a tv show but damn. And John Locke is a fucking freak. I also don't get why people aren't a bit more agreeable in helping each other. That stupid bitch Shannon... everytime she balks at helping decipher french or when she whines or anything... makes me crazy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

quick update

Been busy, joined a gym this week; sorry for the lack of updates. Also, Aaron and I are knee deep in the first season of LOST, and we are sucked in but good. A few curious things I've noticed...

When kate gets the keys to the safe deposit box, it's box 815... same as the number of the doomed oceanic flight.

When Sayid and Kate and Shannon are setting off the bottle rockets to form the triangle, shannon is talking to Rousseau... but that's before she captures sayid... I wonder if anything is made of this. I only notice this because I saw a few of the later episodes...

Also, Took nolan to Olan Mills today for his 3 month portraits. Had a free coupon, iddn't intend to spend any more than that, but of course she got him to smile a bunch so... I spent 100 bucks. Shoot me. I am a sucker for that grin.

Also! I lopped off a lot of my hair today! I have been seriously thinking about it, and Aaron had requested that I do it at some point.. I had shoulder length hair when we met and he wanted me to go back to it. So I did and it went over pretty dang good.



I love it!

some videos that I've been meaning to unload...

Here is proof that I am not always the instigator when it comes to torturing the cats...

Upload Video at

Just in case you were wondering, he doesn't sit up on his own yet.

Upload Video at

Upload Video at

Bath time is traumatic...

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Because it just doesn't get old...

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I want to bite him

seriously, I could just bite him!

both of those were taken last week when we got home from the paper route. He is so dang cute with his little ear flap hat and mittens... and then you add in the stretch faces and I'm toast.

Not too much going on, no nap today; went and got a coffee so I'd have the energy to clean my house, as Lori and Seth are coming over for dinner. I do love a clean house.

We are contemplating re-arranging the living room so the fire place will be useable. it is damn... no, it is MOTHERFUCKING cold in there in the mornings. Of course I can't figure out if it is actually truly cold, or if it's just me. I think from being so sleepy and tired my body temp drops and combined with a cool house... I find it to be really frigid. I was wearing long underwear and my flannel robe this morning and *still* stood in front of the oven for a few minutes to warm up.

why don't we turn up the heat? because we are heat nazi's and don't turn it on until it is later in the year and we are cheap as hell. I give it a few weeks before I cave and start turning it on. I have the guilt factor now in the form of a child... not in the form of cats who I always rationalized 'at least have fur'...

I just love this picture of him in the bath... he doesn't really scream anymore, but he is very unsure if he likes it or not.

His first day in overalls! what a little man he is.

aaron got a little artsy with the camera shots.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Don't mind me, I'm just reallllllly tired. No nap today, eventually I'll get used to this schedule though. Not too much going on, Aaron is home today so that's pretty cool. We are taking Nolan to our favorite lunch place ... they are only open during the week days and we used to go there for lunch all the time when we were first dating. :-)

check it out, I'm the master distractor.

Upload Video at

(by the way, let me know if you like this video service better than the other one I've been using.)

We went out to dinner with Aaron's sister and brother and uncle on Saturday, as Friday would have been Aaron's dad's 56th birthday (I think). We went to his favorite restaurant and it was very nice to see everyone and visit.

I am blessed with some kick ass friends and family. Friday night Lori offered to go with me on my paper route, and I took her up on it of course! I picked her up at 2:30am and she promptly got car sick... all the starting and stopping of the car etc. Holly volunteered to go with me on Saturday night, that was a godsend.


Sundays are a bitch.

The cats are realizing that perhaps there are some perks to having Nolan around.

so many captions, so little time... "I!... AM!.... NUMBER ONE!..." "FIRST OF ALL! these are MY keys."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No nap today

Good thing I got 4 hours of sleep last night, Nolan is not going to let me take a nap today. That's ok, yesterday I was allowed a 3 hour one... it was great. He's currently happily playing in his office...

paper route is going well, was home by 6am today... getting faster all the time! We met with the pastor at my aunt's church on Sunday, Nolan will be getting baptised on October 9... the same day I was baptised. Now to figure out what he'll wear...

my new favorite outfit from the doggone cute line by carters... bought it also in a size 12 months... he's got a lot of stuff that repeats with different ages. That's the cool thing too about him moving up in sizes, it's like I just went shopping! He's got a TON of clothes,I can't help myself, if I see it and it's cute, I buy it! it's like dressing up my own little doll :-)

speaking of dolls, here is a shot of miss julia when I visited her and Heather a while back...

and just in case you thought the torture ended with the cats...

what he thinks of the torture:

and lastly,


also, for the grandma who won't stop badgering me :-D

Click here to watch nolan in his jumperoo

Monday, September 12, 2005


Click here to watch Ben meow on command... sort of.' He hates whistling and talks back when you whistle.

Click here to watch 'Nolan' He was cooing at me, then I made the raspberry noise and he always snaps to attention when I do that.

Aaron, Brandi and Nolan on Brandi's birthday.

Nolan and his grandma (aaron's mom)

Mama's little copilot is ready to help with the paper route!

Thanks to Khara and John and Laurel for this adorable outfit!

Mr. Magoo

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I have a few minutes as Nolan is dozing in the swing. (memo to child: would have been nice if you could've done that earlier so mommy could've gotten some shut eye!) I won't nap in the afternoon or I don't sleep at night, and he only dozed for about an hour this morning; long enough for me to wind down and start to drift off to sleep. But I'm not complaining, he was very cooperative on the paper route last night.

Speaking of the paper route, that shit is HELL when you don't know where you are or what street you are on, and people don't have fucking house numbers. Seriously. Put numbers on your house SOMEWHERE... especially if you take the paper. Also, I hope I don't get the cops called, because half the time I have to shine a flashlight on the house to find the number, and it probably looks like I'm casing the joint.

I take a flashlight (the spider spotter), and a fly swatter (the spider swatter) with me on some of the porch deliveries. Fucking spiders man. GAH. I do NOT like walking through webs either.

oh yeah, I'm not sure what exactly is in a smith and wesson... pepsi, cream, vodka, and kahlua I think. Yummy whatever it is!

Not too much has been going on; so I'll leave you with some pics ...

Full of doubt

what a streeeetttccchhhh

The daddy assists in keeping the pacifier in place

Nolan goes through his artsy phase

Nolan helps decorate adrienne and keith's wedding getaway car

Benny has decided that he is TAKING.BACK.THE.HOUSE. and by house I mean the mama and the daddy's laps.

these are jammies my great aunt pauline made for her grandbaby I think, and they were passed to my mom for me. Now Nolan gets them... these pj's are probably 30 years old. here is the conservative shot.

and this is the sexy windblown skin shot. One button... seriously?

Monday, September 05, 2005


doing this one handed... hence the lowercase action. Started a paper route this weekend... 7 days a week; 2:30am to 6:00am ... tired. But still getting my bearings... the motivation to shop again is firing me up. Will do a proper update hopefully tommorrow, after my nap :-D

Aaron learns to improvise
Click here to watch 'MVI_7823'

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Nolan thinks you farted. and he would appreciate it if next time you said "excuse me."

that is all.