Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It's starting already... he is fighting sleep like you wouldn't believe. Man am I tired. Today I didn't try to push for another 2 hours of sleep ... even though he probably would have slept... it's fitful sleep. Sleep where he is grunting and stretching and moving and talking... and I can't sleep through that shit. My 'mommy' alarm goes off thinking that he might be awake, might need me etc. So today; I gave up trying and we got up bright and early (for us---8am) and I fed him, checked my email and then we went on an hour long walk around the neighborhood.

A coworker of Aaron's gave us his old babyjogger, and I broke it in today. LOVE IT. Felt good to just get out and be mobile again. I have a high school reunion in two weeks... granted, I'm not going to lose the 30lbs I have left just to get back to wedding weight, but damn if I could drop a few inches or even another 5lbs I'd be happy.

Friday night we took Nolan to greenlake, and walked around it (2.38 miles I believe), and then on Saturday we hung out at my cousin's house for a few hours then we took Nolan to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. We got there at 4:30 but the damn place closed at 6... WTF?! So we went around and saw the sights anyway... it was like a billion degrees out so an hour and half was all we could muster anyway.

I have tried to watch that bobby brown reality catastrophe twice now, on bravo... man is that a trainwreck. He and whitney are so ... ugh. It's like that Britney Spears show... I just can't watch it. There's only so far that I'll go to watch 'celeb-reality'... speaking of which, what the hell is willie Aames' problem on Celebrity fit club? Bitter much?

oh; check out the flickr album on the sidebar, I added some pics from the zoo.

I took some artsy shots last week...

More pics tomorrow from greenlake.

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