Sunday, August 14, 2005

Turning the corner

I think we've turned the corner of the growth spurt... if that's indeed what it was. He had a VERY hungry night last night (where as the past few nights he's slept fairly well), and hasn't been connected to me 24/7 today. Thank ya Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I love him and all, but damn... sometimes I just want an hour or so where I'm not skin to skin with another person. Also it's like 85 degrees and much as I love him, the kid gets sweaty, as do I. Yummy.

If you were a fly on the wall today you'd see me sitting here on my couch, in my undies and tank top (see previous mention of heat), eating Aaron's sunchips (thanks hon!) listening to Roy Orbison's Black and white night album (or whatever it's called), while the child naps in his bouncy seat. (the only time he'll tolerate it is when he's unconscious).

Nolan and I accompanied a friend of mine today to church... she and I are both wanting to find a church where we feel we "belong", so today was the first sunday of many to come I'm sure where we tried one out. It was nice, but I don't know about the long term. We'll see. Mr. Nolan slept through the whole service... it was in a park, that was nice. I am amazed we made it on time considering I barely got 4 hours or so of sleep, and mister man shit himself so bad while he was having breakfast that I had to act quickly, and he still got my arm, the boppy and the burp rag. I stripped the onesie off of him and could have used a fucking ladle to get the shit out of it. Yummy. hope you weren't eating or anything!

Yesterday was my 10 year high school reunion... I was having some serious anxiety (read: ulcer stomach ache) before we left, but it turned out rather nice. People are a hell of a lot friendlier now than they were in high school. And I'm not the only one who's still sporting some baby weight... several girls just had babies, and some who have kids who are older have gained weight... so bitchy as I am, I felt better.

We've got a busy week ahead... Aaron's cousin is getting married (1/2 of Nolan's godparents!) so we have the rehearsal dinner on Monday, then wednesday or Thursday we have to go pick up Aaron's monkey suit for the event. Ashley turns 21 on friday, so dinner at Azteca, and then saturday is the wedding. Since we'll be up north, we'll head a bit further east and visit my aunt dana and my grandpa.

tell me he doesn't look guilty sitting in that bare boppy...after he shit all over it. it's like he's saying "what?"

me and the little guy at my h.s. reunion.

Nolan tries not to melt while he catches some z's. (well before he soiled the boppy.)

things that go bump in the night... it's like he's saying "did you hear that... what was that?"

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