Friday, August 26, 2005


another bad night. Baaaad. To bed at 10, up at 11:30. Back down (finally) at 1:30, up again at 3. Back down at 5:15ish. Back up at 8:30... I'll forgive the little punk because of that last stretch of 3 hours. A fly on the wall this morning would report of me sitting in bed bawling as Aaron went to work, while entertaining a very real fantasy of renting a motel room for myself tonight and leaving a stash of expressed breast milk for Aaron and the little sleep depriver.

I'm really fucking tired.

Lori came over this morning, she's in a wedding this afternoon and I helped her with her hair...

She looks so pretty. And check it out, those are homegirl's REAL eyelashes. She bought fake ones, but I scoffed at that... she doesn't need them!

another aaron in his tux pic

Mike and Sara, I love how this pic turned out with the flame bright.

waiting for fed-ex and the bumbo seat I ordered for Nolan.

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