Tuesday, August 16, 2005


a few funnies...

last night I was trying to nurse nolan in the car before we went into the restaurant... I had tried nursing him at the church but he was being difficult... squirmy, arching his back, generally being sort of a pill. Anyway, so I decided to try and feed him again in the parking lot of the restaurant, and Aaron and I were in a giggly mood, trying different ways to get him to eat once we'd noticed he'd sort of stopped sucking. at one point I looked down and noticed he'd stopped and I said "NOLAN! eat your FOOD!" ala Napoleon Dynamite and "TINA! eat your FOOD!" ... it's my favorite line from the movie.... anyhoo, I said it and scared the bejeezus out of nolan who damn near jumped out of my lap. I thought we were going to pee ourselves, we laughed so hard.

Also, last night I nudged Aaron to roll the fuck over because he was snoring like you WOULD NOT BELIEVE, anyhoo; I nudged him with the tivo remote and he awoke with somewhat of a start and looked at me angrily and said "stop writing on me!" I was like ... what?, And he started to nod off again. I went to nudge him again and he must've seen the remote in my hand and he totally flinched away from my hand and said "what are you writing on me?" and proceeded to look himself over. I started laughing and said "I'm not writing on you, you freak, it's the remote." he must've still been asleep because he didn't really validate that I said anything to him. So, because it amuses the hell out of me, I touched him with the remote a few more times and he flinched every time and said 'stop it'. heh.

Also, I realize I am new to the breastfeeding thing, but you don't really think about stuff until it happens. ie: accidentally squirting yourself in the face... don't ask, it happened... and I about died. Also, there is just nothing better than nursing your son, and then he inhales wrong or whatever, and proceeds to cough and sneeze your breastmilk all over your face. Nice.

Lastly, I must be really fucking tired. I was driving behind a big ole dodge ram truck the other day, and wondering to myself what idiot would put the words 'Hervy Duty' on the back of his truck. I must've said it to myself about 150 times before I realized it said "heavy duty". Dipshit.

So now the cool thing to say around our house is how hervy duty stuff is. For example, now I have to go change Nolan, he's got a big ole hervy duty diaper for me.

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