Monday, August 22, 2005


I was trying to get some lovely portrait-esque shots of the little guy last week, and he was NOT cooperating. I got one really nice one, but of course; it's because he was asleep.


the majority of the rest were shit because he kept making weird faces or moving when I posed him.


what the hell is that?

then there were a few ok pics like this one:

*always* with the pointing... heh

to see the whole kit and caboodle, check this out:
Portrait Hell you may have to sign in or create a free account to view them.

anyhoo, it seems I have a ton of pics to share so here are a bunch...

we went to a wedding on Saturday; Aaron's cousin Mike was getting married, and Aaron was a groomsman. Very nice wedding; we had a great time. I don't care who's wedding it is, the moment the doors open and the bride (and in this case, her father) enter the church... I get choked up.

It never fails, I *always* get teary eyed.

Her dress was gorgeous.

Mike and Sarah are half of the set of Godparents of Nolan, my sister and my cousin matt are the other half.

Aaron pulls double duty as a groomsman and a daddy.

our little family.

(as a side note, gee does that shirt look

Nolan meets his cousin kyler for the first time (also his dancing buddy in the previous post), Kyler was born on March 1st so he was telling Nolan how it is.

they've run out of things to talk about.

aaron and uncle gary at ashley's birthday dinner on friday

Matt meets his godson for the first time

Aaron's sister came over on sunday to see us, and get some baby time in. (that's skyler poking his head in the shot :-))

Nolan meets his cousins for the first time (from left:ethan, bryce, skyler and austin)

after the wedding we stopped at my aunt's house so my cousins cryssie and jessica could meet Nolan.

Cryssie was excited because this was the first time she ever got to hold a baby.

Jessica was a natural at holding him.

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