Thursday, August 25, 2005


I gotta make this quick because I suspect my time is limited before SOMEONE wakes up from his nap. Poor peanut, he's running a temp today, was vaxed yesterday... nothing makes you feel quite so shitty as allowing someone to hurt your baby. Yes I know they're just shots, but the head shaking, no breathing, no-sound crying coming from your beet red faced baby.. it tears your heart out. I wanted to cry.

How frustrating is it when everyone around you seems to be losing weight, BUT YOU? Dammit. Aaron's down at LEAST 11lbs (we have a bet to see who can drop 30 the quickest), my mom's lost 20, I think my sister's lost some. Fuckers! All of them!!! I am happy for them, but dammit. I am struggling. Most of it's my own fault, snacking is hard to stay away from at home... though I don't stock my home with much junk food; it's portion size in addition to some light snacking that's killing me.

Nolan's 8 week checkup was yesterday. 12lbs 7oz, and 23.5" long. 90th percentile for both height and weight! Sleeping still like shit, spitting up still like crazy... actually, it's been better. I haven't had tomato-ANYTHING in a few days and I'm seeing an improvement. Of course I haven't been burping him either, and burping him made it worse. He doesn't seem to have gas, so I'm just playing it by ear at this point. He had to have his bilirubin levels checked AGAIN, and I'm waiting to hear that everything's A-ok on that front. My poor little yellow guy.

also, 8 weeks and still not smiling at us. Well, he's smiled a few times but not the big gummy grin I get to see when he's asleep. I'm SO impatient for this!

fun with hats!

this kid is a standing fool

heh, he wouldn't stop staring at the brim


not a fan of the cheek pinching

he looks like such a little kid here.

also, check this site out.

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