Wednesday, August 31, 2005

cheeky cheeky boy

FINALLY starting to get some smiles...

Click here to watch 'MVI_7753'

He was initially smiling at the ceiling

Here he was asleep

thinking about smiling

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


NAK... mssg board speak for nursing at keyboard. Too much information? Oh well; considering how much this kid likes to eat, I do this A LOT. Though since Lori moved and I inherited her old chair and special laptop table, I do it a lot more comfortably now. barely even have to reach.

anyhoo, GREAT weekend! Friday night we attended Adrienne and Keith's wedding... they were married in vegas last fall, but did it up formal style on Friday, VERY nice wedding indeed. Their little one, KJ was born two days after Nolan... and it was the first time Adrienne and I got to meet each other's babe's. We did a lot of emailing over the course of our pregnancies, commiserating.

Saturday we hung out at home a lot and then went over to my mom's for dinner and then out to the drive in, saw the 40 year old virgin and wedding crashers. We only wanted to see wedding crashers but it was the second show; and to be honest, I think we ended up liking the 40 year old virgin more. Both were funny though.

Sunday I tried out a church with Karen and Ashley (think we have a winner! I really liked this place, and it seems they did too; though they'd been there before, I know for now we plan on going back, yay!) and then I got the phone call that I've been waiting for, Heather was in labor and about to give birth within hours! I raced home, and Aaron and I finished up some errands and got to the hospital around 4pm. Miss Julia Ann Christine P. was born at 6:37pm, after putting her poor mama through 4 hours or so of pushing. She was 7lbs 6oz, and 20 and 3/4 " long. Long and skinny! She is an absolute doll, mom and baby are fine and I am just so happy for heather. If you've ever met someone who was born to be a mom, heather falls into that category. Miss Julia has been wanted and wished for for a long time.

Also, Nolan started sleeping in longer periods this weekend... 5 hours! He did that friday, saturday and sunday... but not last night. Punk. He's also starting the transition into 3-6 month clothes. :-(

Adrienne danced with Nolan at the wedding

Me and Nolan with Adrienne and KJ

Full bar = indulging mama! I had a smith and wesson and a rum and coke. I feel like a grown up again!

Julia... isn't she a beauty?

she has the best cry, I LOVE her little voice


Sunday, August 28, 2005


found this picture of aaron's dad vince as a baby... see a resemblance? I think I do

Friday, August 26, 2005

it's here!

he leans a lot in it though; so he probably shouldn't spend too much time in it quite yet.

and video...

Click here to watch 'MVI_741593'

another bad night. Baaaad. To bed at 10, up at 11:30. Back down (finally) at 1:30, up again at 3. Back down at 5:15ish. Back up at 8:30... I'll forgive the little punk because of that last stretch of 3 hours. A fly on the wall this morning would report of me sitting in bed bawling as Aaron went to work, while entertaining a very real fantasy of renting a motel room for myself tonight and leaving a stash of expressed breast milk for Aaron and the little sleep depriver.

I'm really fucking tired.

Lori came over this morning, she's in a wedding this afternoon and I helped her with her hair...

She looks so pretty. And check it out, those are homegirl's REAL eyelashes. She bought fake ones, but I scoffed at that... she doesn't need them!

another aaron in his tux pic

Mike and Sara, I love how this pic turned out with the flame bright.

waiting for fed-ex and the bumbo seat I ordered for Nolan.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I gotta make this quick because I suspect my time is limited before SOMEONE wakes up from his nap. Poor peanut, he's running a temp today, was vaxed yesterday... nothing makes you feel quite so shitty as allowing someone to hurt your baby. Yes I know they're just shots, but the head shaking, no breathing, no-sound crying coming from your beet red faced baby.. it tears your heart out. I wanted to cry.

How frustrating is it when everyone around you seems to be losing weight, BUT YOU? Dammit. Aaron's down at LEAST 11lbs (we have a bet to see who can drop 30 the quickest), my mom's lost 20, I think my sister's lost some. Fuckers! All of them!!! I am happy for them, but dammit. I am struggling. Most of it's my own fault, snacking is hard to stay away from at home... though I don't stock my home with much junk food; it's portion size in addition to some light snacking that's killing me.

Nolan's 8 week checkup was yesterday. 12lbs 7oz, and 23.5" long. 90th percentile for both height and weight! Sleeping still like shit, spitting up still like crazy... actually, it's been better. I haven't had tomato-ANYTHING in a few days and I'm seeing an improvement. Of course I haven't been burping him either, and burping him made it worse. He doesn't seem to have gas, so I'm just playing it by ear at this point. He had to have his bilirubin levels checked AGAIN, and I'm waiting to hear that everything's A-ok on that front. My poor little yellow guy.

also, 8 weeks and still not smiling at us. Well, he's smiled a few times but not the big gummy grin I get to see when he's asleep. I'm SO impatient for this!

fun with hats!

this kid is a standing fool

heh, he wouldn't stop staring at the brim


not a fan of the cheek pinching

he looks like such a little kid here.

also, check this site out.

Monday, August 22, 2005


I was trying to get some lovely portrait-esque shots of the little guy last week, and he was NOT cooperating. I got one really nice one, but of course; it's because he was asleep.


the majority of the rest were shit because he kept making weird faces or moving when I posed him.


what the hell is that?

then there were a few ok pics like this one:

*always* with the pointing... heh

to see the whole kit and caboodle, check this out:
Portrait Hell you may have to sign in or create a free account to view them.

anyhoo, it seems I have a ton of pics to share so here are a bunch...

we went to a wedding on Saturday; Aaron's cousin Mike was getting married, and Aaron was a groomsman. Very nice wedding; we had a great time. I don't care who's wedding it is, the moment the doors open and the bride (and in this case, her father) enter the church... I get choked up.

It never fails, I *always* get teary eyed.

Her dress was gorgeous.

Mike and Sarah are half of the set of Godparents of Nolan, my sister and my cousin matt are the other half.

Aaron pulls double duty as a groomsman and a daddy.

our little family.

(as a side note, gee does that shirt look

Nolan meets his cousin kyler for the first time (also his dancing buddy in the previous post), Kyler was born on March 1st so he was telling Nolan how it is.

they've run out of things to talk about.

aaron and uncle gary at ashley's birthday dinner on friday

Matt meets his godson for the first time

Aaron's sister came over on sunday to see us, and get some baby time in. (that's skyler poking his head in the shot :-))

Nolan meets his cousins for the first time (from left:ethan, bryce, skyler and austin)

after the wedding we stopped at my aunt's house so my cousins cryssie and jessica could meet Nolan.

Cryssie was excited because this was the first time she ever got to hold a baby.

Jessica was a natural at holding him.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

oh my heck

unbearable cuteness... Nolan gets jiggy with it, and we are obviously more than amused by it...

part one:
Click here to watch 'MVI_7262'

part dos:
Click here to watch 'MVI_7265'

as usual, it may take a minute or two to load.

Friday, August 19, 2005


I could tell you I'm tired again, but that's getting a bit redundant don'tcha think? Why don't I complain about being wet? Here's something I may or may not have shared before. I hate feeling soggy/wet... touching things that should not normally be soggy or wet... specifically clothes/blankets etc. That said, this spit up business is for the fucking birds. I am MOTHERFUCKING TIRED of getting projectile vomited on. I don't think it's actually vomit... half the time the fucking milk hasn't settled in his tummy enough to even be spit up. I am tired of being the only one (ok, so my mom got it once) that gets to be on the receiving end of this shit. Doctor says to burp more often, so I burp more often. Do you think it fucking helps? No, it really doesn't. In fact, every motherfucking burp is accompanied by a few tablespoons or more of hot slimy stomach acid and milk. yum. Add to the fact that because it's hot here; I am often in a tank top. I am sick of it hitting my chest and sliding down into my bra, hitting my shoulder and sliding down the back of my arm, or down the front and under my armpit. I'm tired of it getting in my hair. Tired of changing my fucking clothes more than I have to change Nolan's.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired of it?

I am going to mention this to the doc next week at his 8 week appt, but I am hesitant to push for meds for this (doc said before that it was most likely reflux), because I'm not exactly sure if it aggravates me more than it is a problem for his health. Granted, we've had more fussing when he's nursing, arching his back, pulling away... he gets genuinely pissed off; but still gives the feeding cues, and will nurse and nurse and nurse if I let him... probably because he's barfing up a lot of it.

and might I mention that it's not exactly my cup of tea to be attached to a little person 24 fucking hours a day? This is some bullshit.

That said, I am not ready to throw in the towel on breastfeeding. Number one, I am kind of proud that he's never had formula. I am proud that I've overcome the discomfort and that he's thriving, and that I am doing what I had planned on doing while I was pregnant. Number two, even if I was ready to throw in the towel, I'm a cheap motherfucker and formula is expensive. It would take quite a lot at this point for me to want to formula feed... mainly because breastfeeding is working just fine for us. I am just sick of being puked on, and sick of the marathon nursing when it seems like he is not interested in eating but pissed off if I take him off. (also: binky gets us nowhere in those situations, still gets upset and gives feeding cues.) I have also tried mylicon drops every now and then, but it barely helps the fussing, pulling away.

anyhoo. enough bitching.

Nolan had his first shower the other night, and contrary to what I thought might happen, he really seemed to like it. He was calm and pleasant and didn't get upset till he was wrapped up in his towel. I think it was the fact that he was being held during the shower; he felt safe.

anyhoo, how about some pictures/

Nolan loves to stand; he gets the funniest expressions when he does.

Nolan all bundled up in the baby jogger before our walk the other day. 90 degrees one day, 58 degrees the next. Nice.

Ben normally can't stand the sight of Nolan, but here he was all snuggled up with a soft blanket on the couch, and he couldn't help himself.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


a few funnies...

last night I was trying to nurse nolan in the car before we went into the restaurant... I had tried nursing him at the church but he was being difficult... squirmy, arching his back, generally being sort of a pill. Anyway, so I decided to try and feed him again in the parking lot of the restaurant, and Aaron and I were in a giggly mood, trying different ways to get him to eat once we'd noticed he'd sort of stopped sucking. at one point I looked down and noticed he'd stopped and I said "NOLAN! eat your FOOD!" ala Napoleon Dynamite and "TINA! eat your FOOD!" ... it's my favorite line from the movie.... anyhoo, I said it and scared the bejeezus out of nolan who damn near jumped out of my lap. I thought we were going to pee ourselves, we laughed so hard.

Also, last night I nudged Aaron to roll the fuck over because he was snoring like you WOULD NOT BELIEVE, anyhoo; I nudged him with the tivo remote and he awoke with somewhat of a start and looked at me angrily and said "stop writing on me!" I was like ... what?, And he started to nod off again. I went to nudge him again and he must've seen the remote in my hand and he totally flinched away from my hand and said "what are you writing on me?" and proceeded to look himself over. I started laughing and said "I'm not writing on you, you freak, it's the remote." he must've still been asleep because he didn't really validate that I said anything to him. So, because it amuses the hell out of me, I touched him with the remote a few more times and he flinched every time and said 'stop it'. heh.

Also, I realize I am new to the breastfeeding thing, but you don't really think about stuff until it happens. ie: accidentally squirting yourself in the face... don't ask, it happened... and I about died. Also, there is just nothing better than nursing your son, and then he inhales wrong or whatever, and proceeds to cough and sneeze your breastmilk all over your face. Nice.

Lastly, I must be really fucking tired. I was driving behind a big ole dodge ram truck the other day, and wondering to myself what idiot would put the words 'Hervy Duty' on the back of his truck. I must've said it to myself about 150 times before I realized it said "heavy duty". Dipshit.

So now the cool thing to say around our house is how hervy duty stuff is. For example, now I have to go change Nolan, he's got a big ole hervy duty diaper for me.

I did part of the power 90 work out yesterday. Part of it because I am so fucking out of shape, I couldn't do the whole thing. Consequently, my ass, thighs and back are sore as hell today. Nice.

I did take nolan out for an hour and a half walk this morning, so I'm feeling pretty good about that too. Of course I also bought myself two cookies from the bakery at fred meyers when I stopped for lunch meat and biscuits... so all that work to eat two cookies on the way home. Way to go einstein.

I'm also tired of being hungry. I swear I'm hungry all the fucking time. I am TRYING to eat healthy, but damn. I'd be lying if I said I didn't scarf three pieces of pizza at the rehearsal dinner last night. *sigh* I did pick up some cucumbers and mushrooms at freddy's today. I love me some peeled cuke slices. I also picked up some new kind of bread from costco, made w/o flour. 100 cals a slice and 5 grams of fiber. Ends up being 1 ww point per piece. Plus you can't beat that fiber count. I am also going to try and follow my mom's lead and drown myself in water. She's lost 15lbs just from upping her liquid intake. .

Nolan is sleeping A LOT these days. Seriously, was up for about an hour or so this morning (maybe) and now at 3pm, has pretty much been asleep ever since, waking only to eat or to protest a diaper change. I am a little scared when he does this (he's done it the past few days...) I could theorize that it's in response to the heat, but today he's in a fuzzy sleeper because it's chilly out... and he's still out like a light. He slept the past few nights though, so I hesitate to fuck with his nap schedules. A few of the fellow new moms on the boards I frequent mention that their children don't sleep as well at night if they deprive them of their naps during the day, so that's why I haven't been pushing for him to be wide awake. I am sure later on when it's bath time and such, he'll wake up.

sometimes I forget he's only 7 weeks old. He's still little, so I'm thinking that the sleep is good for him.

anyhoo, here are some pics from the other day...

uhhh... I don't think so tim. (bonus points if you get that.)This picture cracks my shit up.

Nolan does his john travolta impression... stayin alive, staying alive... ah ah ah ah staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.

I have no idea what this caption should read... but it also cracks my shit up. He is forever making the "number one" gesture.

Nolan tries desperately to taste his chest.

He looks so disgruntled here.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Turning the corner

I think we've turned the corner of the growth spurt... if that's indeed what it was. He had a VERY hungry night last night (where as the past few nights he's slept fairly well), and hasn't been connected to me 24/7 today. Thank ya Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I love him and all, but damn... sometimes I just want an hour or so where I'm not skin to skin with another person. Also it's like 85 degrees and much as I love him, the kid gets sweaty, as do I. Yummy.

If you were a fly on the wall today you'd see me sitting here on my couch, in my undies and tank top (see previous mention of heat), eating Aaron's sunchips (thanks hon!) listening to Roy Orbison's Black and white night album (or whatever it's called), while the child naps in his bouncy seat. (the only time he'll tolerate it is when he's unconscious).

Nolan and I accompanied a friend of mine today to church... she and I are both wanting to find a church where we feel we "belong", so today was the first sunday of many to come I'm sure where we tried one out. It was nice, but I don't know about the long term. We'll see. Mr. Nolan slept through the whole service... it was in a park, that was nice. I am amazed we made it on time considering I barely got 4 hours or so of sleep, and mister man shit himself so bad while he was having breakfast that I had to act quickly, and he still got my arm, the boppy and the burp rag. I stripped the onesie off of him and could have used a fucking ladle to get the shit out of it. Yummy. hope you weren't eating or anything!

Yesterday was my 10 year high school reunion... I was having some serious anxiety (read: ulcer stomach ache) before we left, but it turned out rather nice. People are a hell of a lot friendlier now than they were in high school. And I'm not the only one who's still sporting some baby weight... several girls just had babies, and some who have kids who are older have gained weight... so bitchy as I am, I felt better.

We've got a busy week ahead... Aaron's cousin is getting married (1/2 of Nolan's godparents!) so we have the rehearsal dinner on Monday, then wednesday or Thursday we have to go pick up Aaron's monkey suit for the event. Ashley turns 21 on friday, so dinner at Azteca, and then saturday is the wedding. Since we'll be up north, we'll head a bit further east and visit my aunt dana and my grandpa.

tell me he doesn't look guilty sitting in that bare boppy...after he shit all over it. it's like he's saying "what?"

me and the little guy at my h.s. reunion.

Nolan tries not to melt while he catches some z's. (well before he soiled the boppy.)

things that go bump in the night... it's like he's saying "did you hear that... what was that?"

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Growth Spurts SUCK

I think we've hit that 6 week growth spurt... he turned six weeks yesterday and of course only wanted to nurse or sleep for 10 minute stretches all day. Aggravating. He slept remarkably well last night in contrast... 2.5-3 hour stretches (yes, still choppy sleep, but after the hell of yesterday I was SO glad to just be able to get sleep at all.)

Not too much has been going on as of late... we have just basically been hangin out; I'm trying to get shit done around the house so it doesn't look a damn tornado hit it all the time. I have my 10 year reunion this weekend, Aaron's got a bachelor party to attend on Friday night, rumor has it my car will be getting some much needed attention on Sunday... I think I may try out a church with a friend on Sunday morning.

I finished my first book in ... gosh, i don't know how long. I haven't read for fun in so long... school tends to tap me out on the pleasure reading. I finished yesterday "Twilight's Children" by Torey L. Hayden. I love her writing, there's another book of hers I have yet to read (I've read the rest), so I'll hopefully borrow that one from my mom this weekend.

I told you not much was going on!

Oh... to answer some stuff in the guestbook...

the rolled up things in the crib are diapers... my aunt made us a diaper cake a while back ... father's day I think, anyway; it came apart when we got home. So Aaron neatly lined them up in the crib; they are size 2's so, we aren't up to that size yet, they are patiently waiting their turn in the diaper rotation. :-)

Mojodiva asked about Nolan's swing. He seems to like it... he's not a super smiley kid yet... but he rarely objects to being put in it. He does *not* like his bouncy seat... well, he will tolerate it occasionally, but 9 times out of 10 he'll yell his head off when I put him in it. I'm really glad we went with the model that turns into a toddler rocker, so I don't feel as though it was a waste.

Regarding the jaundice and natural light; our condo has sky lights and lots of windows... in fact I don't even turn any overhead lighting on until dusk usually. So he's in natural light quite a lot of the time... it just isn't helping all that much.

And regarding dipe changes in the middle of the night... I too let the wet ones slide if it's 4am. However this kid is a poop machine, he doesn't always poop a lot, but I would say 80% of the diapers I change are poopy. Hell, make that 90% because a wet one only is rare occasion.

Thanks for all the feedback on the slideshows. I was thinking of starting up my own page/business to make slideshows for weddings, family reunions etc... but so do not know how to get started. I can make a page, but don't really know how to get the word out. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Man I love these pants.

Nolan wonders what the hell those rolled up things are too.