Thursday, June 02, 2005


I'm tired nizzles. And I'm sick to fucking death of unpacking and trying to find a place for stuff. Oh, and not being able to find shit I KNOW I packed.

4 weeks (I assume) until baby is here, and we don't have ANYTHING ready. And I don't particularly care. I am waiting for that burst of nesting energy; but have yet to get it. I just would rather lay down and worry about it later.

Been SERIOUSLY thinking about moving this site to a new domain, and being EXTREMELY choosy about who I give the address to, but that's a lot of work, and then I thought about going password protected only, but that too is a lot of work. I just kind of wish I could be anonymous again. Or at least be familiar enough with different programs so I could block certain people from viewing this site, and of course; first even figure out who is who when I view my stats.

Also, if I catch satchel going through my shit on MY DESK one more fucking time, I'm chopping his motherfucking hands off. I received my kit from vonage yesterday, left it on my desk and went to lunch. Came back and he was rifling through it. I stood there and said "um, can I HELP you?" He replied "I was just seeing if this was mine." I said "well it's not, and what good would it do for me to leave your SHIT on MY desk? Stay out of my stuff." and with that I went into the bathroom. Fucker.

Also, I uploaded some pics to have developed at costco, and most had my long hair in them, and I almost started to weep. I miss my hair. A lot.

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