Thursday, June 09, 2005


Not too much to report; will update the pg journal about my trip to labor and delivery last night in a few minutes.

Do you watch Meet the Barkers? Something about Shanna bugs me. First of all, the fact that her name is spelled 'shanna' but she pronounces it 'shane-a' irritates the living shit out of me. Two n's mean short a, do they not?

Secondly, her upper lip or something is funky. And that girl can sleep. And not watch her kids. And completely ignore the fact that she's got a daughter. She bugs.

Also, he needs to pull his fucking pants up and how fem can you be? Struck me as odd, he is very feminine; just not what I was expecting.

I've been having a sex and the city marathon while I get things in order; and got through seasons 4 and 5 last weekend... I have it on in the backround as I'm doing other stuff, but man I always thought it was Samantha and Miranda who bugged me, but no one is as annoying as Carrie. BIG TIME.

I'll get more pictures to put up here eventually; just have not been motivated to do shit. Seriously; I go home and go to sleep. Well, I try and get other stuff done, but I'm fucking tired and not feeling like taking pics. I'm sure it'll all change when the baby is here and then that's ALL you'll see for a while.

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