Monday, June 13, 2005

temper temper

Seriously, there is little that drives me up the fucking wall more than shitty cell phone reception, and trying to talk to someone who cannot fucking hear you. I mother fucking detest repeating myself at all, let alone over and over and fucking over. And trying to have a fucking conversation. I suppose brownie points should be given to the person on the other end of the line for even trying to act like they can hear me, but instead I get so mad I can't even see straight and end up barking into the phone "JUST FUCKING FORGET IT."



I fucking short circuit into mega bitch when this happens, and while it's not fair to the other person on the line... I simply

While we are talking about minor grievances here, let me also say that if you call me from work or school or WHEREVER and we start having a conversation and then you suddenly hiss into the phone "I HAVE TO GO, BYE". It will leave me wanting to choke the living shit out of you. It's nothing personal, just a reaction to that quickly whispered sentence. I often find myself yelling at the phone after the connection is gone "WHY'D YOU FUCKING CALL ME AT ALL THEN?!"

Now I need to go punch something.

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