Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Boy, am I crabby today. I am tired, I am uncomfortable, I am just in a general state of 'ARG'. I am also trying to get over it; but sometimes it's easier said than done.

First, to answer a few questions in the guestbook...

for Libby~ the white flowers in the bouquet were stephanotis blossoms. They come w/ a hollow middle, and no stems (they are just a bud) so I had to order some pearled stems to stick in the middle. I love them too; thanks for the compliment! As for the minced garlic, I used that stuff that's already in the jar, I like it all chopped fine instead of minced; spreads easier in the mixing process. Also; we never used oil at the stadium, I did at home because I added way too much parsley and it dried out the garlic mixture... it should be sort of a wet mixture, and when I added my parsley it was dry dry dry... gag. (Some people like it this way though; so tomato, tomahto.) I would suggest adding a little bit of parsley to the mix at a time, The parsley doesn't do much for the taste, so it's quantity isn't really the issue I guess. Good luck!

For Sarah~ no iron pills. My doc wanted me to take them; but my iron levels were 1 point under the 'normal range' and w/ all the digestive roadblocks I've had, I made the decision to say 'fuck that noise' and am just taking a prenatal ... uh, when I remember it. Also; Heather (who is also pregnant) was told at her midwifery office (or whatever it's called) that the range was slightly different than what my doc said, and in her range I am normal. So, I figure I'm fine w/o the iron pill. The taste seems to be better today, we'll see.

I don't really have anything else to say, except I really fucking hate satchel, no... I REALLY FUCKING HATE SATCHEL. The hate just EXPLODES on days when I am in such a lovely mood. I need a nap. And a chocoloate milkshake.

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