Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Less tired, more cranky

ok, maybe not MORE cranky. Just don't have the sleepiness to blame it on today. At least not all of it. I was in bed early, but literally woke up more than once an hour last night. So fucking uncomfortable... but was able to at least sleep until Aaron left at 5:30, so I imagine I got a bit more sleep than usual.

Sometimes (ok, all the time) when I'm sitting in traffic and someone in front of me does something stupid... like let someone merge into OUR lane... this is OUR lane! Protect it! Or if they slam on their brakes for no reason (which seems to be happening frequently these days) or perhaps they sit at a light forever and fucking day without moving an inch... I imagine myself walking up to their car, pickaxe in hand... and smashing in every single window.

It makes me calm again.

Traffic fucking kills me. My normally 30 minute commute took over an hour yesterday. OVER AN HOUR. Why? because it was sprinkling, in Seattle... land of the wet, yet apparently every motherfucker who doesn't know how to drive in the rain was out at 5pm yesterday afternoon, having a difficult time finding their gas pedal, though having no problems finding their motherfucking brake pedal, and generally stopping for nothing, slowing for nothing... and never getting up to speed limit. Seriously... one of the roads I take is 50mph and we never hit 30 yesterday. GAH.

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