Friday, June 03, 2005


Just to clarify; when I said yesterday that I was thinking of going members only or to a whole new domain, I wasn't even referring to the drama in the guestbook, whoever mrs. zpira or WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS is, has zero bearing on that decision. I don't mind anonymous cattiness...or even any sort of intelligent criticism... my mom thinks she knows who it is, but I don't think that person is half as intelligent as mrs. zpira is... a compliment! to a troll! I honestly could give a shit when it comes to the comments she is making in the guestbook. Really. And the person who my mom suspects is a dumb bitch, and ghetto for that matter, and I really, really, REALLY doubt they would be as creative and or witty/shitty enough to write what Mrs. Z has written.

That said, I'll come clean and just say that the reason I wish I was anonymous or member's only or whatever, is because I have been very 'free' in giving out this web address to my friends and family and such. There are a couple thorns in the bunch, and it chaps my ass to know that they read it and then RE-FUCKING-GURGITATE it to fit their agenda, often giving me a bad rep. Especially manipulative bitches. So, that is why I wish I knew more about blocking IP addresses, and going members only, etc... figuring out just 'who' is 'who' among the IP's that visit this site.

The people I occasionally would like to bitch about, I can't... because I don't want to hurt their feelings. Or make things difficult for myself or my husband. Though that rope is quickly fraying, because I am a fucking hair away from not giving a shit. And if you are reading this and have been at the receiving end of one of my bitch sessions, realize that you will probably be at the receiving end again, mmkay? Oh and Aaron doesn't like you either, he just has better manners than me.

I think that's enough vagueness here, don't you? Let's just chalk it up to pregnancy hormones and the like. Fuck all I'm cranky.

Also, going back to the guestbook drama... it actually amuses me, and like I told my mom this morning; it doesn't even bother me. I did do a lookup of the IP address that was attached to both comments made, and it appears as though the person has Qwest internet service, and is in the Seattle area. The actual server was so I'm not sure if they are in Tukwila or if that's just a fluke. Two of the geolocating sites said that the IP was coming out of Kenmore and Seattle; which I think are basically the same.

So it's very possible that I know this person, but, like I said, I find it entertaining. So be an asshole to the commenters in my guestbook; they can hold their own. :-)

Since Jane posted pictures of her new digs, I thought I'd do the same...

The living room

The dining room

my new bakers rack that I LOOOOOOVE.

one side of our teeny tiny kitchen

The other side of it; check out our mammoth fridge; can't really tell here, but it takes up a lot more room than we anticipated. :-)

the baby's room. Obviously not done.

the purple and sage green guest bathroom

our much messier pink and grey bathroom

oh, and Asa got his first bath in at least 3 years last weekend. The fucker decided to explore the fireplace (which is currently behind the tv/entertainment center, but was moved away so Aaron could begin wiring everything together.) He was covered in soot. The picture doesn't even do it any justice... and after the bath he's still sort of gray, but there's only so much you can subject a cat to.

curiosity dirtied the cat

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