Wednesday, May 25, 2005


we got the keys yesterday! Good Lord... the amount of shit we got done is AMAZING. We left to get the keys, then went to Lowe's and purchased a refrigerator, then went up to my mom's storage unit and emptied out 98% of all of our crap, clearing a path to the washer and dryer, then took that stuff over to the condo and unloaded the cars. I didn't lift too much stuff; but I think I overdid it what with the stair climbing and all. I am VERY sore today... sore legs, sore tummy, etc.

Then we went back to the house and Aaron's brother was waiting for us there; they loaded up Aaron's blazer and then went to p/u the washer and dryer and then came back to fill the rest of it up w/ bulky/big stuff. Then slowly; other people started showing up; people I didn't expect to come help and my goodness was it a godsend. We are about 70% moved; last of it should be moved this evening; everyone likes the new place, got lots of compliments.

I don't even know where to begin unpacking... oy. Luckily my mom and sister and Karen are all meeting me at the new place tonight while the boys pack up what's left of the apartment, to help me start unpacking and arranging. First order of business will be to get clothes out of the bags and somewhat hung up/put away... they can be put in order later (clothes that fit, clothes that don't fit... yadda yadda yadda.) I am a FREAK about getting shit done, so I predict by Saturday evening we should be sitting pretty and about completely unpacked.

I'll pick up the cats before I head out today and bring them to the new place; we'll just lock them in the baby's room while we are still moving things around. They were ok in the bathroom last night, but then Asa paid us back by sitting outside the bedroom door and crying ALL MOTHERFUCKING NIGHT. Aaron (who never really gets mad at them) actually opened the door this morning and said "SHUT.UP." heh... I am rubbing off on him after all!

I have also been a busy bee already; got new car insurance, changed our address at the bank, arranged for comcast to come out and install tv/internet next week, signed up for vonage phone service, called our home owner association president and introduced myself and asked some questions... very productive.

Of course the move isn't without some complications... the valve for the water to the washer leaks, so that needs to be dealt with. The dryer has the wrong plug on it, but Willie thinks he has another plug that will work (and if not; we'll buy one) and he can rewire it for us (this is a MAJOR thing... otherwise we'll find ourselves at the laundromat this weekend.) and our fridge doesn't get delivered until Sunday sometime... we'll be staying there tonight. That means Aaron is going to go get the cooler out of storage, and I'll pick up some ice and we'll at least have milk and water and probably some diet soda and beer at the new place for the next few days.

Speaking of the fridge... I wonder if it needs to be plugged in and on for any length of time before we can start putting stuff in it? Anyone know?

After all that work/activitiy yesterday I was completely EXHAUSTED. But you just know I couldn't fall asleep until around midnight. GAH. Slightly irritating. And very tiring. *yawn*

Ashley and I at my shower; I made sure to pose so the quadruple chins didn't show too bad.

Me talking to Monique... I think I was bitching about this whole condo business here.


a survey of the crowd

And that's all folks. I have a ton of pictures with me in them, but I hate them; so they shall not be shown! Pics of the new digs to come soon...

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