Thursday, May 05, 2005


I hate people. I really do; well, not all people... but many of them, yes. I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of what we will be held accountable for when we vacate the old apartment. Sarah is the shiznit for sending me this page, thanks a bunch dude; I think it will really come in handy! I also called the landlord today and of course, she's out of town until monday and the bitch that is filling in for her is incapable of answering ANY questions because "all properties that are owned by CTL management are governed differently." Whatever. I still don't think that losing over half of our 'deposit' is legal. After I dug through some files and found the lease etc, I found the paperwork that stated that 200 bucks for the pets are non-refundable, fine. The other 400 should be. That stupid bitch manager of ours told me that it would be a charge of 300 bucks for carpet cleaning... uh, in my breakdown of what it will cost to vacate and get our deposit back, it says carpet cleaning is 55 bucks. I will call her first thing on Monday and attempt to get this shit straightened out. If it's the case that we are only up to getting 100 bucks back then they can clean it for us. FUCK THAT NOISE.

Spoke to the lender today; he asked if we had reserved our moving truck yet, I scoffed and said "why don't we see if this deal actually happens first?" He laughed and said that I should have more faith, that it's basically a done deal. Sorry, it ain't done until we have those keys in our hand. I will so be glad when this whole waiting thing is DONE.

I might mention that it should be FUCKING ILLEGAL for the trains to flat out stop and chill in the middle of Downtown Seattle for ANY REASON during the business day. GAH. Or how about not making them 3 miles long... Good Lord. I sat waiting for one for 15 fucking minutes and over 10 of that it was stopped. Why don't they appropriate some of our tax $$ to make it so the roads either go over or under the fucking tracks. Specifically in high traffic areas!

We packed the dvds last night... and were interested to find out that we have over 9k in dvd's. So that's where that money went.

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