Thursday, May 26, 2005


I love it when people fight in the guestbook. I also love compliments, even though y'all are a bunch of raving lunatics. I do only post the pictures where I deem myself to look ok; so there are about 4 billion that you didn't see, and I would post them, but nay.

Also, you know you've really crossed the line when you get my mom to comment, heh. She will usually just call me and tell me what she thinks about an entry or whatever, but someone sure pissed her off. :-D

We are 99% moved. Still have a kitchen table to fetch and a shelf unit or two to purchase, and then there is the cleaning. I am so tired and sore and tired and my back fucking kills; I could use an adjustment in the worst way, but I will just have to wait and go next week. Aaron and Willie and my uncle Gary worked their asses off to get us moved and I am so totally in awe of how fast they did it and how great they were about it. I appreciate it more than I can even say.

The cats DID NOT appreciate being shoved into their carriers; and to pay me back, Asa and Ben sat in theirs and fucking panted like dogs the entire way over to the new house. Have you ever seen a cat pant like a dog? It's not cute, it's worrisome and I was convinced they were on their death beds. When we (lori and I) got them settled in the baby's room, and shut the door; they hid under the dresser for the better part of 5 hours. After everyone left around 10pm Aaron opened the door and Molly, the daredevil, was the first to venture out. Then Ben, then by 2am I had Asa sleeping at my feet. They are still nervous and twitchy and their noses are so pink from smelling everything, but really; I think they are liking the place. This morning ben jumped up to sit with me and so did Asa. At least they are not hiding behind the television for days like the last time we moved.

Anyhoo. We have a lengthy list of stuff to get done this weekend, so this is where I leave you.

Thanks for all of the support by the way!

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