Monday, May 23, 2005

Good Lord I'm a Moody Ass Today

What is it about the afternoon that gets me all in a pucker? I was fine this morning, we signed the papers for our condo. So supposedly we'll have the keys in our hand tomorrow afternoon, but you know... I'll believe it when I see it.

Also, this kid of mine is starting to really PISS ME OFF and will not get his godforsaken feet/hands/bodyparts/WHATEVER out of my ribs. I cannot lean forward, I cannot slouch... I must sit straight up or I am in pain.

Also, got a few days behind on my bran muffin eating and thus am paying for it. I am SURE that is not helping my mood any.

I also hate Satchel with a fire more intense than that of a million burning suns. If I never see the fucker again in MY LIFETIME it will be too fucking soon.

I also called Aaron and told him that I would seriously consider selling our firstborn for a kit kat right now; I really hope he gets the hint and arrives with one. :-) He went and checked out the sears outlet for a refrigerator, but they are all expensive as hell down there. So craigslist it is; I'll be perusing the ads tonight and hopefully we can find one that will work for us.

The baby shower was a smash, we got totally spoiled... seriously... I am so thankful for all the stuff we got, I cannot even begin to explain it. That said we have a few items left to get; but nothing like I was fearing. We ended up purchasing our pack and play on Sunday as well as a bunch of the diaper genie refills.

Speaking of the shower; I'll put some pics up tomorrow, and the only ones with me in them are ones I deemed to be ok; I was aghast at how large I am in some of them, and the backfat... she is a heinous bitch who cannot be squelched. The good news is, if I am allowed to have the csection, they won't let me go past 39 weeks; so I know that this backfat hell will start to disintegrate sometime after the next 5 weeks or so.


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