Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Totally Pins and Needles

So, for now... it's between our offer and another offer... Aaron is almost sick over it, said last night when I got off the phone with our realtor that he felt nauseated. Poor baby, that just shows you how much we want this place. *sigh* Please, send good vibes. We should know something by 2pm pacific time today...

I am in a great mood, so I am hoping that that's a good sign ;-) I paid off the wedding loan we took out... it wasn't a huge loan, but w/ interest, it was definitely a bump in our road to financial freedom... or at least, one less bill to stress me out. I am so freakin' relieved to have that bill paid off... technically we can either pay off our other two credit cards (relatively low limits) or we can keep them and just pay the mininum balance... I'm not worried about it either way. From here on out, my paychecks can go into savings for the baby/homeprojects/etc. That's a great thing!

Lastly, I am getting ready for our move; whether it be to our dream condo or to another place, as really; a move is imminent. I am getting rid of stuff around the house, and last night we sold my guitar and tuner for 60 bucks... I've had the damn thing since 1998 or so and have played it maybe twice. I didn't necessarily want to get rid of it as I would love to learn to play the guitar someday, but realistically I just haven't got around to it, and I don't know that I ever will. I do plan on learning to play the piano/keyboard though.

Back to my point, I have a few things that I thought I'd offer up here first. The first is a knockoff prada bag, it's a small shoulder bag, faux purple alligator, w/ a prada tag... I also have a long strap if you don't like the small ones only. I paid 30 bucks for it in NYC, so I'm hoping to at least make 20 off it... if you want it, email me @ allisonruth.comATcomcastDOTnet (obviously replace the AT w/ @ and the DOT w/ .) I would ask that you could pay me by paypal (though if I know you somewhat, you can send me a check) and I'll have you pay for shipping.

here's the pic:

I've never even used it... one of those impulse buys. :-)

The other bag I am trying to get rid of has no label, but still a cute purse. Again, email me at the above address if you want it... I paid 20 bucks for this one, would accept 15 plus shipping.

Never used this one either. Love the color though.

I also have a knockoff tiffany necklace and bracelet. Bought the set for 25 bucks in NYC, they have the 'tiffany & co' writing on it... I never wore it, just not my style. Another impulse buy. I would accept 20 bucks for this plus shipping...

Only the bracelet is shown, but I have the necklace that looks identical as well.

The asking prices are not final, if you want to offer me a different price, go ahead; highest offer wins!

I'll be back at some point to let you know whether or not our offer was accepted. Keep your finger's crossed!

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