Friday, March 11, 2005


Just to let you know what's been going on...

* Lori went to check on my Grandma last Friday (3/4) when she wouldn't answer the phone... walked in to find her sitting in a giant pool of blood. She had fallen, and was dazed... paramedics were called, she was taken to the hosp. stitched up and sent home. No worries apparently over the garbeled speech she had had in the few days prior, nor the walking probs she was displaying.

* Saturday 3/5 grandma falls again, is taken to a different hospital who is SHOCKED that the first hosp didn't do a stroke assessment or other tests. MRI and other tests show not only a stroke in the past week but also a recent heart attack. (though the heart attack could have been a silent one and not felt by Grandma apparently.) Grandma is checked in and monitored. Also, major case of dementia diagnosed.

* Wednesday (3/9) Grandma is moved up to the rehab unit of the hospital... speech is clear and she is coherent for the most part when I see her, but cannot remember my name and seems a bit confused as well as cannot remember the words to finish the sentences she is starting. She is clearly frustrated and then has a hard time figuring out how to answer her phone and tries to use the phone to change the televison station. She also thinks a distant family member is intoxicated and prank calling her room (I believe it was a wrong number as the odds of this person getting her number are nil.)

*Thursday (3/10) My dad observes that Grandma is confused. She tends to babble on and off nonsensically, and is running a high temp. They do not know the source of the infection, and are working to figure it out.

*Friday (3/11) Temp was down briefly last night, but is up somewhat again, still no idea where the infection is (gee, perhaps the other hospital should have given her antibiotics when she got the stitches put in?!) and the medical staff is unable to draw any blood from her; she is more confused, not recognizing my dad, and confused another cousin to be me. No one seems to know if it is the dementia, another stroke or possibly just the infection that is making her so confused...

* Basically it's an all around not-good situation and all prayers and good thoughts that you have would be greatly appreciated. We are going to head up to the hospital to see her tonight as tomorrow we will not be able to make it up there, and I'm really just hoping that perhaps this is a temprorary setback...

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