Tuesday, March 22, 2005


... oy. This home hunting shizzle is for the birds. I am all in a tizzy today w/ a tummy ache to boot waiting to hear if the offer we made on a place last night is going to be accepted or rejected. *sigh*

We saw 3 places, and true to his word; when we pulled up at the last place, John, our Realtor says "I have a feeling this is going to be the one you guys will like since it's not listed as an FHA loan." I was doubtful... I had yet to see anything that had even come close to knocking my socks off. Then he opened the pretty red door ... (yes red, but it looks good.) and OH Lordy.

We loved it.

We loved the brand new plush carpeting, we loved the built in shelves and the built in hutch in the kitchen. We were tickled over the hue of the paint... is that white or pink? Or maybe kinda peachy? We danced around the modernized kitchen w/ the new appliances. I thought Aaron was going to kiss the flat top stove. It's a real beauty... and while we will most definitely have to get rid of a lot of miscellaneous shit... this could definitely be a place we could call home for the next 5-8 years. Oh, it's also only about 10 minutes further away from work than where we are now, and conveniently only about 15 minutes away from the University Branch I'll be attending in the fall of 2006. It's awesome. We drove from there (Des Moines) up to Ballard to John's office to put together an offer.

Turns out there were 3 other offers on the place, and I told John that we would be willing to pay more than our initial offer... uh... 20k more. If need be. Really... we want this place. Please please please send us some good vibes over here, and if you are the least bit religious, hey! send us a prayer too! Here are some pics...

The beautimous entry way... note that awesome shelving unit behind the door... books will go there... the kind of books that make us look smart. The trashy novels and car magazines will go in a different bookshelf in the bedroom. Uh not that we have anything other than smart books... does Windows xp for dummies make us look smart? Also, board games and puzzles will go in the cupboards on the bottom.

The fabulous built in shelves in the living room. Future home to Aaron's massive dvd collection. I hope it all fits.

The lighting was probably our favorite thing... and the flat top stove... and the overall newness and cleanliness... man we wouldn't have to do A THING to this place except move in and try to make our shitty stuff look nice!

The dining room has a built in hutch area. Those doors next to it are the pantry... love the pantry, frees up all those cupboards for holding appliances and new dishes! Wedding gifts we haven't even opened yet!!! Also, the hutch would be a perfect place to store the nudie glasses my grandpa gave Aaron, our buddha cups from Benihana's, and a host of other neat/strange glassware that we've collected. OH! and the blue lighting thingys will match the pretty blue dinnerware we got as wedding gifts... a dining room table we can use to dine on... divine. I may even get placemats!

That is... if we get this place. Probably not a wise idea to plan so soon... but it's the first place we've fallen in love with, and I really, really, really, really, REALLY hope the seller wants to sell it to us.

The other place that we are considering should the Des Moines condo deal fall through would be this place we saw out in South King County literally, right behind the big casino...

that's the parking garage to said casino, you can see it from the front window of the condo. walking distance... oddly enough, the place was quiet and calm and pretty charming.

My favorite part (of course) was the remodeled kitchen. Brand spankin new maple cupboards and granite counter tops (also in the bathroom) and a rather large pantry there too.

The only wierd thing... was that the entire living room area as well as dining room and kitchen was done in linoleum... not an ugly one or anything, but paired with the window treatment and yellow walls... and the bamboo chair... it had a very "puerta vallarta lobby" feel to it. We would obviously repaint it all white or something, and then throw some big area rugs down... overall; not our first choice, and kind of far; but it's in the running.

Anyway... that's our past few days in a nutshell... in other news I am officially on spring break; my last final was yesterday morning. School won't start up again until April 4th, so I'm trying to chill out and enjoy the time off.

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