Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Busy, Yo

yeah, yeah, I know... I suck. I haven't updated simply due to the fact that we've been super busy. Last night we made an offer on a house we saw on Saturday... after much debate and a sprinkling of arguing we decided to go for it. We should hear sometime today whether or not it's even a possibility.

I'm not stressing too bad because either way we're fucked. Heh. Not exactly true... but if we get it, there's A LOT of work to be done before we can even move in... and if we don't get it we have to keep looking. Either way there's some shit to do that I don't feel like doing, but if we do get it... well, we'll own our own home. So I guess that's a plus. I don't want to get into details yet; but it's filthy and needs many little repairs as well as appliances, as there's only a stove and oven that are semi-working (I say semi, because supposedly they work; but we never tested them.) It was a foreclosure, and it was not taken care of nicely. We offered a lower amount than the asking price and the deal is they have to fix the foundation and replace the carpet (and carpet the rest of the house that needs it)... so I don't know... I think they'll counter offer. We'll see.

In other news, I've had garlic fries twice this week... mmmm. Garlic fries. I realize they are probably not the best to have w/ the whole sodium thing going on... but I'm not convinced that's the problem... I'm not swollen and my blood pressure is fine. So while I did splurge on those fries twice, I am still watching it the rest of the time... still getting about 1000 mg or more under the RDA... so that can't be too bad.

Didn't do too much last weekend, Friday night... let's see... oh yeah, we went shopping for baby clothes and such... that was fun. Then Saturday I had a lunch date w/ some friends from high school to start planning our 10 year reunion, and then we met our realtor that afternoon to look at this house... which I initially was totally AGAINST. But I think new carpets and paint would go a long way. Saturday night we hung out at home and I did a meteorology test online... which goes to prove by the way; that you don't necessarily need to know what the fuck you are talking about to get a decent grade. I scored HIGHER on this test than I did on my last one, and on the last one I actually studied... I did create myself a handy dandy study guide, in which I had the definition typed up for every bolded word in the chapters as well as anything he highlighted on his 'you should study...' page. I also went page by page and jotted down what was talked about there... like el nino, cloud formations, scattering... etc. Then condensed it all into a list where each word had a group of page numbers next to it where it was mentioned, for easy reference. I got an 87... That's a b+! For shit I know nothing about!

Sunday we didn't have shit to do so we drove up to north seattle and went to pop tots... a hip clothing store for bebe's... but really, they had cool stuff for girls, for boys... not so much. And my cheap ass is not about to spend $24 on a black onesie with the Ramones logo on it. Sorry, not going to do it. After that we drove up to Kidd Valley for the previously mentioned garlic fries... we don't have a kidd valley near us, so it was a hike. After that we bummed around and I slept in the car, and then we went home... pretty nice day. I love days where you go where the wind blows you.

Also... found out last week that I am only short one... ONE class for my pre-req's... possibly 2 classes, but it looks like it will end up being most likely only one class. One class that is not offered summer or spring quarter, but it IS offered fall quarter! So I must wait a whole year to apply to the teacher prep program because of one motherfucking class. *sigh* It all happens for a reason though... that's what I keep repeating to myself, hoping to qwell the rage.

The fries... Perhaps now you can see why I'm still tasting it after eating it for dinner last night. And why I'll probably be tasting it tomorrow and the next day.

"Since when does 'plain' mean add onions? HUH?" Aaron thinks onions are the debil.

The joys of licking oneself in one's own cardboard box.

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