Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Man. I have done over 8 hours of computer homework in the past two days... just wanted to get it DONE. And of course, Microsoft Access chooses the last assignment to start fucking with me... I added a note on the things I could not figure out because of the glitch because I'd rather lose points on the damn thing than deal with trying to spend any more time on it, and plus, my instructor takes DAYS to answer her fucking email. I have one more assignment in that class due; the final project, but that won't be posted until next week.

As for news on the house... we met up with our Realtor last friday (and I got to meet Khara for the first time too! More about that in the pregnancy journal) and signed the papers. He is just waiting to hear back from the bank that owns it... they took their sweet time getting back to us originally, so I don't expect this to go very fast either. We are hoping to hear from them ASAP as we want to schedule the inspection for this coming weekend... and they want everything done and closed by my birthday... April 11th, which is fine by us! Gives us 1/2 a month to get the place in shape to move in. If we are able to have the inspection this weekend I'll take some pictures and you can see what we're dealing with. I am just trying to not get too attached to the idea that this will go through... it might, but in case the inspection yields something that throws the whole thing down the toilet, then I don't want to be upset. Of course, it would probably mean less work in the long run!

There's like 10 days left in the quarter and I feel like I am climbing the walls for it to be done with... and I really have nothing to complain about. I know I have gotten off pretty easy this quarter in regards to work... yes, there's been some; but easy to get done and work around. Next quarter, I fear will not go as well.

I don't have much to say (though I thought I did when I wrote this out in my head this morning) so I'll leave you with some cute cat pics...

"Thith boxth ith tho comfortable... even better than the dirty laundry I am uthed to thleeping on."

Asa ponders the meaning of life or perhaps just the top of the box.

Asa's eyes get all fiery when we mention shaving him.

Love how he has to grip the tv when getting his head scratched.

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