Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I took yesterday off... will take Friday off as well. Funeral is at the end of the week.

Put an offer on a condo today.

Monday, March 28, 2005

In Loving Memory

If you visited the front page you saw the memorial page I put up this morning.

My grandma pat passed away last night... it was abrupt and quick... and totally unexpected. I had mentioned here that she was in the hospital with some scary stuff going on, but she was doing better and was set to come home in about 10 days; after she was finished with the hospital's rehab/therapy plan.

It's merely fact right now, as it still doesn't seem real. I'm numb to it I guess. Like my dad said, at least she didn't have to suffer... but it boggles the mind how quick something like this can happen.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Weeellllllll FUCK.

they didn't accept our offer.

Totally Pins and Needles

So, for now... it's between our offer and another offer... Aaron is almost sick over it, said last night when I got off the phone with our realtor that he felt nauseated. Poor baby, that just shows you how much we want this place. *sigh* Please, send good vibes. We should know something by 2pm pacific time today...

I am in a great mood, so I am hoping that that's a good sign ;-) I paid off the wedding loan we took out... it wasn't a huge loan, but w/ interest, it was definitely a bump in our road to financial freedom... or at least, one less bill to stress me out. I am so freakin' relieved to have that bill paid off... technically we can either pay off our other two credit cards (relatively low limits) or we can keep them and just pay the mininum balance... I'm not worried about it either way. From here on out, my paychecks can go into savings for the baby/homeprojects/etc. That's a great thing!

Lastly, I am getting ready for our move; whether it be to our dream condo or to another place, as really; a move is imminent. I am getting rid of stuff around the house, and last night we sold my guitar and tuner for 60 bucks... I've had the damn thing since 1998 or so and have played it maybe twice. I didn't necessarily want to get rid of it as I would love to learn to play the guitar someday, but realistically I just haven't got around to it, and I don't know that I ever will. I do plan on learning to play the piano/keyboard though.

Back to my point, I have a few things that I thought I'd offer up here first. The first is a knockoff prada bag, it's a small shoulder bag, faux purple alligator, w/ a prada tag... I also have a long strap if you don't like the small ones only. I paid 30 bucks for it in NYC, so I'm hoping to at least make 20 off it... if you want it, email me @ allisonruth.comATcomcastDOTnet (obviously replace the AT w/ @ and the DOT w/ .) I would ask that you could pay me by paypal (though if I know you somewhat, you can send me a check) and I'll have you pay for shipping.

here's the pic:

I've never even used it... one of those impulse buys. :-)

The other bag I am trying to get rid of has no label, but still a cute purse. Again, email me at the above address if you want it... I paid 20 bucks for this one, would accept 15 plus shipping.

Never used this one either. Love the color though.

I also have a knockoff tiffany necklace and bracelet. Bought the set for 25 bucks in NYC, they have the 'tiffany & co' writing on it... I never wore it, just not my style. Another impulse buy. I would accept 20 bucks for this plus shipping...

Only the bracelet is shown, but I have the necklace that looks identical as well.

The asking prices are not final, if you want to offer me a different price, go ahead; highest offer wins!

I'll be back at some point to let you know whether or not our offer was accepted. Keep your finger's crossed!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


... oy. This home hunting shizzle is for the birds. I am all in a tizzy today w/ a tummy ache to boot waiting to hear if the offer we made on a place last night is going to be accepted or rejected. *sigh*

We saw 3 places, and true to his word; when we pulled up at the last place, John, our Realtor says "I have a feeling this is going to be the one you guys will like since it's not listed as an FHA loan." I was doubtful... I had yet to see anything that had even come close to knocking my socks off. Then he opened the pretty red door ... (yes red, but it looks good.) and OH Lordy.

We loved it.

We loved the brand new plush carpeting, we loved the built in shelves and the built in hutch in the kitchen. We were tickled over the hue of the paint... is that white or pink? Or maybe kinda peachy? We danced around the modernized kitchen w/ the new appliances. I thought Aaron was going to kiss the flat top stove. It's a real beauty... and while we will most definitely have to get rid of a lot of miscellaneous shit... this could definitely be a place we could call home for the next 5-8 years. Oh, it's also only about 10 minutes further away from work than where we are now, and conveniently only about 15 minutes away from the University Branch I'll be attending in the fall of 2006. It's awesome. We drove from there (Des Moines) up to Ballard to John's office to put together an offer.

Turns out there were 3 other offers on the place, and I told John that we would be willing to pay more than our initial offer... uh... 20k more. If need be. Really... we want this place. Please please please send us some good vibes over here, and if you are the least bit religious, hey! send us a prayer too! Here are some pics...

The beautimous entry way... note that awesome shelving unit behind the door... books will go there... the kind of books that make us look smart. The trashy novels and car magazines will go in a different bookshelf in the bedroom. Uh not that we have anything other than smart books... does Windows xp for dummies make us look smart? Also, board games and puzzles will go in the cupboards on the bottom.

The fabulous built in shelves in the living room. Future home to Aaron's massive dvd collection. I hope it all fits.

The lighting was probably our favorite thing... and the flat top stove... and the overall newness and cleanliness... man we wouldn't have to do A THING to this place except move in and try to make our shitty stuff look nice!

The dining room has a built in hutch area. Those doors next to it are the pantry... love the pantry, frees up all those cupboards for holding appliances and new dishes! Wedding gifts we haven't even opened yet!!! Also, the hutch would be a perfect place to store the nudie glasses my grandpa gave Aaron, our buddha cups from Benihana's, and a host of other neat/strange glassware that we've collected. OH! and the blue lighting thingys will match the pretty blue dinnerware we got as wedding gifts... a dining room table we can use to dine on... divine. I may even get placemats!

That is... if we get this place. Probably not a wise idea to plan so soon... but it's the first place we've fallen in love with, and I really, really, really, really, REALLY hope the seller wants to sell it to us.

The other place that we are considering should the Des Moines condo deal fall through would be this place we saw out in South King County literally, right behind the big casino...

that's the parking garage to said casino, you can see it from the front window of the condo. walking distance... oddly enough, the place was quiet and calm and pretty charming.

My favorite part (of course) was the remodeled kitchen. Brand spankin new maple cupboards and granite counter tops (also in the bathroom) and a rather large pantry there too.

The only wierd thing... was that the entire living room area as well as dining room and kitchen was done in linoleum... not an ugly one or anything, but paired with the window treatment and yellow walls... and the bamboo chair... it had a very "puerta vallarta lobby" feel to it. We would obviously repaint it all white or something, and then throw some big area rugs down... overall; not our first choice, and kind of far; but it's in the running.

Anyway... that's our past few days in a nutshell... in other news I am officially on spring break; my last final was yesterday morning. School won't start up again until April 4th, so I'm trying to chill out and enjoy the time off.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And Now...The Cherry On Top

Looks as though the bank's agent was dicking us around for the past few weeks. Truth be told, the bank that owns the home doesn't want to pay for carpeting... Now we have to figure out what the hell to do. We don't have the money for Carpet... and the only two rooms that are carpeted are beyond trashed, so it's not even something that we could work with.


What the fuck.

So, update. Grandma is still in the hospital, holding her own from what I've heard, admittedly I haven't been up to see her since Friday, things have been crazy; this is finals week and we've had some more medical drama go on as well. Monday night my Grandpa was admitted to the hospital and was not expected to make it through the night. For those of you playing the home game, that's my dad's mom in the hospital w/ stroke and dimentia among other problems, and my mom's dad w/ severe breathing problems among other things. Mom and Lori went up to see him; I did not... I was completely torn about it; but had a final the next morning, as well as the fact that I was already exhausted, and Grandpa was in a hospital approx. an hour and half away. I just didn't feel like I could be up half the night or more, physically. So Aaron and I went to stay the night at my mom and dad's, so if dad needed anything we would be there.

Amazingly, once again, Grandpa has pulled through... though for how long we don't know. He has refused pretty much all medical treatment except for oxygen. Anyway, he was up walking the halls, last I heard and his oxygen intake was reduced back down to normal levels (a criteria he had to meet before being released), so it looks like he'll be going home. I am hoping we'll make it up to see him this weekend. I should only have one final left on Monday after I finish my Meteorology one on Friday. The Monday one will be a doozy; one essay question and a reflection, combined for 4-5 pages in our exam book. *sigh* we 'statistically' have to prepare 4 different essay questions for the final, even though there will only be one of eight possible questions on the test. Let's hope I still have the ability to bullshit my way through 4-5 pages.

Also, Matt's Grandma passed away yesterday morning. Mrs. Nelson was a very sweet lady, who was known for her charm... I was touched when I received some crocheted doilies from her as a wedding gift, they were probably one of my favorite gifts... handmade with love, you just can't put a price on sentiments like that.

I was so tired last night (Lori let us sleep in her bed at mom and dad's, but the damn thing is slanted, and I could NOT get comfortable all night. Aaron on the other hand "had the best night of sleep in ages!" Whatever.) that I was in bed by 7:30pm. I slept pretty much like a dang log, and probably could have slept in past 8 this morning, but had to make it to class for a reveiw session.

oh yeah, Aaron's blazer that we bought last year, apparently needed tabs in January. He realized this on Sunday when he and Wili were working on his fiero. This sent us into a frenzy looking for the title, registration and any other paperwork from when we bought the vehicle last spring. (Bought it at the end of march, with a payment plan that was paid in May.) Couldn't find ANYTHING. He's been driving around w/out a registration or title for God knows how long... so he got the tabs (thanks mom! She picked them up for us since the DOL is in her building) and it turns out that the vehicle is registered to us, but the legal owner is still the car lot. *sigh* I have been calling them since Monday, and left a 2nd mssg today on their machine wondering why noone has returned my calls and stating that I need to receive a call back ASAP. It was very sternly worded, and I almost mentioned calling the better business bureau, but I think I'll save that threat for a future call.

But seriously, this has me wondering if our insurance has been basically null and void because we are not the legal owners of the vehicle... yikes.

Ok, after all of that how about some pics...

You know it must be spring... Aaron's getting the itch to cruise the Fiero, so he and Wili spent the day on Sunday tinkering with it.

Wili's giant dog Thor

Monday, March 14, 2005

oh yeah...

A friend of mine has started up her own journal....Insanity Central, Her name is Sarah and we've been friends for ... God ... 14 years. Since we were 14. Fuck all if that doesn't make me feel old. Anyway, she's got a few entries under her belt already, and if you want to know a bit about her; she's a New Yorker, She's got 5 little ones, and she tells it how it is. Check her out!

*yawn* Dude. I am so fucking tired. Man. Could not fall asleep for ANYTHING last night... probably because I tried to fall asleep watching the true hollywood story of full house... heard Aaron turn it off when he came to bed, so I'll have to add it to my Tivo wishlist tonight for the next time it airs. Finally fall asleep well after 10pm (I was realistically ready for bed around 7 though) and proceed to have fitfull sleep full of weird dreams and any time I rolled over to my left side I had excruciating pain in the joint of my left shoulder... I felt as though I had strained it somehow; just laying with it flat hurt; had to prop the whole arm on a pillow. This went on all night, and at 4:30 when the alarm went off I got up to look up shoulder pain in some of my pregnancy books just to be sure nothing major was wrong.

I think it was from moving a box I probably shouldn't have yesterday, anyhoo; I took some Tylenol, and went back to sleep. Skipped school and slept till about 7ish when Lori came by for the newspaper from yesterday. I keep yawning, and I am hoping that I'll sleep better tonight. Gah.

Grandma is still in the hosp; I do not believe there are any plans to release her as of yet; though I do believe she is undergoing rehabilitation therapies.

Inspection on Saturday had to be cancelled due to the bank that owns the home dragging their fucking feet on everything... Poor Aaron. His confidence in us getting the house has been shaken, and he is afraid that they will balk at our demands or simply not get shit done in a timely manner. I have put it in God's hands and if it's meant to be, then dammit, it will be. I'm hopeful, but guarded, and really; just ready to MOVE.

Dad's birthday dinner was Saturday; that was a good time. Had a blast telling and reliving stories from the past and then hearing some that I had never heard before. It was a hoot. Sunday I met up with Holly and we spent a good portion of the day together. I got zero studying done, which wasn't smart as this is finals week, but oh well. By next monday at 9:30 this quarter will be finito, and I cannot fucking wait.... though I spose I really could, because I think next quarter will not only be more demanding, but harder in general... *sigh* At least it makes the time go faster.

Oh yeah, and we watched Napolean Dynamite last night... the dance sequence was AWESOME.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Just to let you know what's been going on...

* Lori went to check on my Grandma last Friday (3/4) when she wouldn't answer the phone... walked in to find her sitting in a giant pool of blood. She had fallen, and was dazed... paramedics were called, she was taken to the hosp. stitched up and sent home. No worries apparently over the garbeled speech she had had in the few days prior, nor the walking probs she was displaying.

* Saturday 3/5 grandma falls again, is taken to a different hospital who is SHOCKED that the first hosp didn't do a stroke assessment or other tests. MRI and other tests show not only a stroke in the past week but also a recent heart attack. (though the heart attack could have been a silent one and not felt by Grandma apparently.) Grandma is checked in and monitored. Also, major case of dementia diagnosed.

* Wednesday (3/9) Grandma is moved up to the rehab unit of the hospital... speech is clear and she is coherent for the most part when I see her, but cannot remember my name and seems a bit confused as well as cannot remember the words to finish the sentences she is starting. She is clearly frustrated and then has a hard time figuring out how to answer her phone and tries to use the phone to change the televison station. She also thinks a distant family member is intoxicated and prank calling her room (I believe it was a wrong number as the odds of this person getting her number are nil.)

*Thursday (3/10) My dad observes that Grandma is confused. She tends to babble on and off nonsensically, and is running a high temp. They do not know the source of the infection, and are working to figure it out.

*Friday (3/11) Temp was down briefly last night, but is up somewhat again, still no idea where the infection is (gee, perhaps the other hospital should have given her antibiotics when she got the stitches put in?!) and the medical staff is unable to draw any blood from her; she is more confused, not recognizing my dad, and confused another cousin to be me. No one seems to know if it is the dementia, another stroke or possibly just the infection that is making her so confused...

* Basically it's an all around not-good situation and all prayers and good thoughts that you have would be greatly appreciated. We are going to head up to the hospital to see her tonight as tomorrow we will not be able to make it up there, and I'm really just hoping that perhaps this is a temprorary setback...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Man. I have done over 8 hours of computer homework in the past two days... just wanted to get it DONE. And of course, Microsoft Access chooses the last assignment to start fucking with me... I added a note on the things I could not figure out because of the glitch because I'd rather lose points on the damn thing than deal with trying to spend any more time on it, and plus, my instructor takes DAYS to answer her fucking email. I have one more assignment in that class due; the final project, but that won't be posted until next week.

As for news on the house... we met up with our Realtor last friday (and I got to meet Khara for the first time too! More about that in the pregnancy journal) and signed the papers. He is just waiting to hear back from the bank that owns it... they took their sweet time getting back to us originally, so I don't expect this to go very fast either. We are hoping to hear from them ASAP as we want to schedule the inspection for this coming weekend... and they want everything done and closed by my birthday... April 11th, which is fine by us! Gives us 1/2 a month to get the place in shape to move in. If we are able to have the inspection this weekend I'll take some pictures and you can see what we're dealing with. I am just trying to not get too attached to the idea that this will go through... it might, but in case the inspection yields something that throws the whole thing down the toilet, then I don't want to be upset. Of course, it would probably mean less work in the long run!

There's like 10 days left in the quarter and I feel like I am climbing the walls for it to be done with... and I really have nothing to complain about. I know I have gotten off pretty easy this quarter in regards to work... yes, there's been some; but easy to get done and work around. Next quarter, I fear will not go as well.

I don't have much to say (though I thought I did when I wrote this out in my head this morning) so I'll leave you with some cute cat pics...

"Thith boxth ith tho comfortable... even better than the dirty laundry I am uthed to thleeping on."

Asa ponders the meaning of life or perhaps just the top of the box.

Asa's eyes get all fiery when we mention shaving him.

Love how he has to grip the tv when getting his head scratched.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Asa's Transformation...


Fluffy baby with fear in his eyes.

and now, may I present to you the baddest cat ass this side of the Mississippi...

Nice mohawk eh?

I would like to state for the record that this was not my idea, though I fully support it and Asa looks damn cute... he's got fluffy back feet still and when he's shaved I am always amazed at how small he really is... he looks like a little prehistoric kitty with furry moon boots... I'll try to get better pictures later...

but for now,

My cat could totally kick your cat's ass. :-)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Busy, Yo

yeah, yeah, I know... I suck. I haven't updated simply due to the fact that we've been super busy. Last night we made an offer on a house we saw on Saturday... after much debate and a sprinkling of arguing we decided to go for it. We should hear sometime today whether or not it's even a possibility.

I'm not stressing too bad because either way we're fucked. Heh. Not exactly true... but if we get it, there's A LOT of work to be done before we can even move in... and if we don't get it we have to keep looking. Either way there's some shit to do that I don't feel like doing, but if we do get it... well, we'll own our own home. So I guess that's a plus. I don't want to get into details yet; but it's filthy and needs many little repairs as well as appliances, as there's only a stove and oven that are semi-working (I say semi, because supposedly they work; but we never tested them.) It was a foreclosure, and it was not taken care of nicely. We offered a lower amount than the asking price and the deal is they have to fix the foundation and replace the carpet (and carpet the rest of the house that needs it)... so I don't know... I think they'll counter offer. We'll see.

In other news, I've had garlic fries twice this week... mmmm. Garlic fries. I realize they are probably not the best to have w/ the whole sodium thing going on... but I'm not convinced that's the problem... I'm not swollen and my blood pressure is fine. So while I did splurge on those fries twice, I am still watching it the rest of the time... still getting about 1000 mg or more under the RDA... so that can't be too bad.

Didn't do too much last weekend, Friday night... let's see... oh yeah, we went shopping for baby clothes and such... that was fun. Then Saturday I had a lunch date w/ some friends from high school to start planning our 10 year reunion, and then we met our realtor that afternoon to look at this house... which I initially was totally AGAINST. But I think new carpets and paint would go a long way. Saturday night we hung out at home and I did a meteorology test online... which goes to prove by the way; that you don't necessarily need to know what the fuck you are talking about to get a decent grade. I scored HIGHER on this test than I did on my last one, and on the last one I actually studied... I did create myself a handy dandy study guide, in which I had the definition typed up for every bolded word in the chapters as well as anything he highlighted on his 'you should study...' page. I also went page by page and jotted down what was talked about there... like el nino, cloud formations, scattering... etc. Then condensed it all into a list where each word had a group of page numbers next to it where it was mentioned, for easy reference. I got an 87... That's a b+! For shit I know nothing about!

Sunday we didn't have shit to do so we drove up to north seattle and went to pop tots... a hip clothing store for bebe's... but really, they had cool stuff for girls, for boys... not so much. And my cheap ass is not about to spend $24 on a black onesie with the Ramones logo on it. Sorry, not going to do it. After that we drove up to Kidd Valley for the previously mentioned garlic fries... we don't have a kidd valley near us, so it was a hike. After that we bummed around and I slept in the car, and then we went home... pretty nice day. I love days where you go where the wind blows you.

Also... found out last week that I am only short one... ONE class for my pre-req's... possibly 2 classes, but it looks like it will end up being most likely only one class. One class that is not offered summer or spring quarter, but it IS offered fall quarter! So I must wait a whole year to apply to the teacher prep program because of one motherfucking class. *sigh* It all happens for a reason though... that's what I keep repeating to myself, hoping to qwell the rage.

The fries... Perhaps now you can see why I'm still tasting it after eating it for dinner last night. And why I'll probably be tasting it tomorrow and the next day.

"Since when does 'plain' mean add onions? HUH?" Aaron thinks onions are the debil.

The joys of licking oneself in one's own cardboard box.