Thursday, February 10, 2005


Ok, so now I don't feel so dumb. I recently purchased the Carly Simon album:Reflections. One of my favorite songs on there is 'You're so Vain' and I swear I have listened to the first verse over and over to try and figure out the line " Your scarf it was apricot, you had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself..." I couldn't figure out that last word, and kept thinking it sounded a lot like 'gavaught'... turns out it's 'gavotte'... a french dance of old... ooookkkkaaaayyy. At least I was right. I have a long history of thinking a song says one thing when it really says something else.


we went out to dinner last night with our friends Chad and Sara, and we had SUCH a good time. They are due to be married this spring, and I *love* hearing about wedding planning now, especially since none of it is my responsibility! I did offer to help though, and meant it... it's tough to pull a wedding off, and I can totally sympathize. We sat and chatted for the better part of 3 1/2 hours, it was great. Sara and I are helping to plan our 10 year high school reunion, and it was great to hear that someone else has reservations about it too. I've often heard that the 10 year reunion is ... interesting... not petty or pissy, but people are guarded, and I've heard that the 20 year reunion is much better.

It was also VERY cool to hear someone (FINALLY!) applaud the name Maverick. Though they did get a good laugh when I said there was no way if we did name our son (if it is a boy) Maverick, that he would be called Rick or Ricky. Think about it... our last name is Martin. Not cool. Funny, but not cool. But it was neat to have both of them say they liked the name instead of the usual response we get. Anyhoo, I think Aaron and I have settled on one boy name so far, so I feel good going into the ultrasound tomorrow... I just wanted to go in knowing that there was at least one or two names for either gender we could agree on and actually both like... we have several girls' names we like, and now we have at least one boy's name.

So I don't know if I mentioned that I no longer like anything that tastes remotely minty. (ew.) My favorite gum is intolerable now, I don't even like chocolate chip mint ice cream. Just the thought gets the gag reflex going. Ick. Well, I switched to Cinnamon gum, and all was well. I buy the big packages at Costco because I'm like a smoker in that I chew a pack a day. (Not at once... THROUGHOUT the day.) Anyhoo, I picked up the pack this last costco trip on Friday, and dammit to hell... Trident Cinnamon gum now has 'Xylitol'... Or as I like to call it "that dentist taste." Seriously, the aftertaste is EXTREMELY reminiscent of a trip to the dentist, and I HATE it. So I'm trying out Big Red... though I am detecting a tiny bit of dental aftermath taste. *sigh* I realize it's probably just me, and my wacked out hormones... I wish that all sweets tasted like a trip to the dentist. That would help my whole 'controlled weight gain' thing. (Though I think by now, that's blown out of the water.)

Because laying on a puzzle box is comfortable.

Molly likes to surf the computer with daddy.

Asa looks a tad pissy here, no?

Matt last weekend when we celebrated his birthday.

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