Monday, February 07, 2005

4 More Sleeps!

4 more sleeps until we get to see the baby at the ultrasound on Friday! I am stoked. :-) Weekend was pretty good... busy, and fast mostly.

Friday we went to the service out at the military cemetary for Aaron's grandpa. It was really cool... They really go out of their way to pay tribute to veterans, and it was just ... awesome. Sad, but what an honor... it's hard to put into words I guess. After that we all went up to Aaron's Uncle's house and visited, sort of a wake I guess. After that, we checked out some listings of townhouses in the Federal Way area, and bah... some were ok, but for the most part, there is a reason they were so cheap. Ick.

After that we hit Costco and went home to take a nap because we were pooped. We got up around 8 and went for some Taco Time... veggie soft taco... mmmmmm. Then stopped by my parents house to pick up the movie Ray... LOVE IT! Love it even more than I thought I would.

Saturday morning we cleaned the shit out of the house, and it never ceases to amaze me how much crap we acquire and then subsequently throw out. The amount of trash is just mind boggling. We got rid of a lot of stuff, and then met up with our Realtor who showed us some properties, and might I add that Aaron will have to be the deciding factor on these because I like everything I see. The first one was .. .eh, but a lot bigger than where we're at now, so that was the romance for me. The second one was so freakin' cute and bright and open and newish... I LOVED it! Though it's only about 200 square feet bigger or so than what we have now, and it just seemed tiny. But I did love it. a lot. And it had a security gate. *sniff* But it was also a bit far for Aaron to drive to work. *sigh* but it was cute. :-)

Our realtor is none other than hubby to fellow blogger/seattleite/mama to be Khara, and it was a trip to meet someone in real life that I've read about on the internet! Khara, you and I will seriously have to do lunch soon!

Saturday evening we went over to my mom's for dinner to celebrate Matt's birthday, and that was a lot of fun. Lori and Seth came over afterwards and I passed out promply by midnight.

Sunday we finished up the housework, got groceries and Aaron went to my parent's house for a superbowl party that my dad was hosting, and mom and Lori and I spent the day together. We did lunch at the Olive Garden (I LOVE their salad... so good.) and then bummed around the mall for the rest of the afternoon. It was fun, and I forget how nice it can be to just walk around the mall and window shop. We got back about an hour before the game ended and I indulged in the super bowl buffet... sandwiches, chips, cookies... though I didn't get crazy. We went home and I finished up some homework and promptly crashed around 9. That weekend just FLEW by.

Pics to come later.

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